so this nokia 6682 has snake on it but like snake of the future in color and there are 8 different mazes to choose from i don’t know anyone dumb enough to put forth a few bills for a snake game, oh wait yes i do. anyway sigh, my life is now changed forever no more waiting in lines at the supermarket with the uglies. oh and there’s poker games on it (samir) too. still haven’t put any music on it or bluetooth the videos and pictures to my computer WOW TECHNOLOGY CAN YOU BELIEVE I SAID BLUETOOTH!>?! me eithER! bEST sALESPITCH eVER can’t wait for my commercial to air.

good thing i’m me otherwise i would be VERY jealous right now.

i have heartburn and it feels like my left nipple is detaching itself from my breast.

i like when people are all oh that’s your stomache that hurts not your chest/heart and i am like thank you for the science lesson douche that really helps about now.

maybe a cigarette will right me.


fuck i love rushmore, the movie. it was on last nite. here are the parts i like.

i like the part when bill murray’s kid says shove your head up your ass and bill waits a second then he strong arms him from the front seat of the car and that ends the scene.

i like the part when max says to murray i got this one and pays for the popcorn at the wrestling match.

i like the part when max’s friend is dressed like a wizard and throws rocks and shit at him.

i like when max thanks the waiter for accommodating luke wilson at the dinner table, that entire scene was brilliant.

i like when max sharpens his pencil when the teacher is trying to confront him in the library.

i like when max finally introduces his father and says he’s a barber.

i like when he visits dr. Guggenheim in hospital and he goes you think he recognized me and the wife shakes her head and then dr. goes FISCHER!

i like the part when bill murray is spying behind the tree on the teacher and comes over and asks the kid what he’s painting and the kid goes UUUGH IT’S A JELLYFISH and the kid has a funny-ass retard kid voice.

there are a hundred other parts i liked, tell me yours too but don’t say the OR they? part cos that’s a given, i want obscurely funny barely noticeable parts. like near the end when that school maintenance guy goes BEST PLAY EVER MAN. that guy’s awesome.

thank you for participating in this week’s installment of THINGS RAYMI LIKED IN A MOVIE THAT CAME OUT ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO.

don’t worry friends my feelings aren’t hurt by this kid and thank you for flaming them too really when i get “shit on” and make a post out of it they are really just helping me, cos like, that’s one more post and then more people come to write a dis and then come back again to read other people’s comments and then more traffic etc etc. i think it’s pretty obvious this person 1. wants to fuck my boyfriend 2. wants to fuck me 3. has been reading me for awhile 4. can’t sleep at nite because my beautiful face haunts them so 5. thinks we are going to be friends one day 6. is the most boring vapid and ineffective flamer ever 7. is 18, their juvenile insights make me cringe.

oh and here’s their ip: