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this is what it feels like to get older when you are a girl.

you realise that everyone is way stupid but you are fine with it and you begin to like girls more and hate them less it’s like your uterus’ are communicating and hugging each other and so it’s like one big vagina party like there are vaginas on your shoulders and you are all knitting each other nice scarves and when they leave you are like oh here is a, i dunno, button, oh and a hat. I LOVE YOU I HAD FUN BYE!

when you are younger it’s only pretend like that cos when one vagina leaves you are all whispering about her.

ew i just called a vagina a her.

anyway, you become a little less cynical in a lazy kind of way, you still think the same scornful thoughts but at the end of the thought you go HA HA to yourself and move onto something else. unless you are like 60 and set in your ways and you are a witch.

you have lots more clothes.

it’s hard to tell the difference between someone who looks 18 and 24.

anything else?

oh you think about marriage and babies. i haven’t thought about babies yet but i think about marriage and i told fil he has til i am 25 cos i won’t be a spring chicken forever!

you dress older, you go to bars less and feel ok about it (i’m not exactly at that point yet). you save your money (i am not at that point yet either).

a fun getting older moment when you’ve had a few is giving “advice” to your friend who is a bit younger or maybe even older but equally as inebriated as you are and you have absolutely zero experience in what you are saying but you feel like you do because you are OLDER.

you get less embarassed so you do gay things like sway your arms softly to a GNR song and fall into chairs and tables in front of the entire universe.

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  1. sounds like you had a good day and made a new friend. Awesome.

    Marriage is transforming. It causes a change in your soul that can’t be described.

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