we met my dad for lunch today then had band practise then went to my dad’s to retrieve some art and some other junk i own that i never look at or use and books i have read 20 times over then we had dinner at fil’s mom’s and watched afv. we watch afv pretty much every sunday because fil is old and i wear diapers.

i want to clear something up but only now i will do it half-assedly.


it’s endearing to read on people’s blogs that raymi is crazy but less and less these days, now it’s just irritating. you know when yer talking with someone on msn and yer sharing a laugh and then it goes too far because the “meaning is hard to determine because it’s in type” – FUCK THAT. if you cannot understand the written word and the meaning behind it then you are a fucking moron and the same goes for blogs, blogging, scrabble.

i write stream of consciously, that’s how i talk, that’s how i am. i am ADVANCED the opposite of slow and if this makes me crazy compared to normy normals and “all over the place” what-have-you – fine.

bi-polar doesn’t mean crazy. it’s a chemical imbalance predominantly stemming from depression.

i’m “arty” “creative” “hilarious”

if i were crazy i wouldn’t have the capacity to maintain this piece of shit weblog for 6+ years ok. i’ve done the crazy been hospitalized thing already so i’ve earned the right to fucking say and do as i please.

i’ve spent days on end with certifiable schizophrenics and delusional fucktits, now THAT’S crazy.

writing bleep blop bloop on a blog and saying MEOW MEOW MEOW every ten minutes is NOT crazy.

fuck off.

ps. i got that shirt from black market.

video of fil and martin making a rock go off a cliff into the lake

when fil slides all his clothes hanging up to my end of the closet i punish him by putting my big box of q-tips in his bathroom drawer.

raymi: you know when you shove your clothes to my side of the closet and forget to push them back over to your end i punish you by putting my box of q-tips in your bathroom drawer.

fil: oh

fil: i get it

this has been going on between us for weeks and only i’ve been the wiser of it.

i wrote a song it’s called i have one arm and it’s about me.

so metric was fun lower-case f style last nite, well, metric lower-case f fun, everything else capital f fun. we were spotted by ten million people all falling over themselves to buy us drinks. yes i drank but not a ton. i will drink fridays and saturdays only and maaaaybe sundays.

i notice that i get very very generous with my benjamins after a few drinks, i bought fil a metric shirt. holy retard-undeserving-of-lor.

that’s grego, don’t worry he is more ugly in person. heh. i know this guy from highschool. he messaged me on mysapce awhile ago and i’m all yo guy i know you and you know my brother and so on. he and his lecherous perv friend use to hit on me in the hallway and i one day went up and was all DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!? and then dropped my brother’s name and they were all woah jokes jokes.

greg said if it wasn’t for my brother then he’d be at the concert with me and not with this Px character. ha ha.

courtney saved the day by claiming our last guestlist spot. yay.

deb FINALLY has a website! for her jewellery! she makes it! explosion!

it looks pretty rad, pieces of copper and metals that she takes a torch to i dunno and blows holes through them and some junk. who wouldn’t want to buy jewellery from a hot skinny pretty lady who freaks out on people in her loft-building’s hallway who are wasted at 4am, go deb! you can kick me in the head anytime.

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typical the ONE day i have to wear stilettos and panty hose and a dress there are ten kutillion chunks of slush and snow everywhere I HATE MY LIFE.


jeffcarter says:

so i re-read MDep last nite

jeffcarter says:

i dont know if i told you that the first time i read it i did it very casually…just opened up the envelope and dove right in…but

jeffcarter says:

by the 3rd or 4th chapter i was totally having an anxiety attack

jeffcarter says:

i had to put it down but was freaked the rest of the day…i had no idea that other people suffer from this same shit. so i told my family to read it if they want to know what it feels like.

jeffcarter says:

anyway that’s why i’m also like raymi’s so brave for writing this book b/c just reading it freaked me out…cant imagine re-living all of that again.

jeffcarter says:

you’re good kid

mercer union loves you

i am wearing their shirt.

today i went to a casting call for a sam roberts’ video. the whoever chose me specially to come out cos of my look. i am hoping i get chosen because i am strange and mysterious and not NOT get chosen cos i am retarded and special.