julka is coming over later on today to take photos of my hair in the bath/wet hair. i dunno. some mysterious OCAD lesbo thing prolly.

i have to go out front and mail a letter, it is right outside the building. TOO FAR!

ok i’m gonna expose this blog because i am an asshole. myself and a few other individuals invented fat emo lady blogs a little while ago and we were going to integrate them into the blog-circle and make them have fights with you guys but then we all quickly abandoned these blogs cos being a fat insecure woman is TIRING. i will not tell you the true identities of the other ladies but you can click the links on my blog to see them. they’re pretty funny.

tilly rabbit

if this makes me look bad or causes you guys not to like me anymore, oh well.

i mean LOL!

go dad fotos

i know i just got all bitchy about target=blank and then when you go to the go dad blog and click on fotos they get bigger in the same browser, that’s cos i got lazy and used the blogger foto upload tool. sorry.

go dad merch.

here is something that greatly infuriates me

dear bloggers

i wrote a song and it is called




instead of ending your link with “> end it with target=”new”> so that a new window will open up with that link instead of it overtaking the browser which i am viewing your blog in, this is highly beneficial because then your blog will remain “active” and i don’t have to hit back ten million times to go back to your boring stupid shitty ugly vapid blog, ok?

i learned this when i was SEVENTEEN!


ok here is an example with and without the “target=”new”> (i do target = blank because i am oldschool and they invented =new for lazy ugly fat dumb people)



are we still friends?

it has come to my attention that more than half of my readership are learning-impaired, and that’s ok.

allow me to explain to you what MODERATED COMMENTS actually means.

this means that when it comes to the publishing of comments I am LORD EXCELSIOR and you are peasants. your comments are not displayed until i go into my haloscan account and MODERATE THEM ie. APPROVE them. so after you type something and it disappears it does not mean that the internet gobbled it up, it’s merely in limbo until i am able to approve it.

now this doesn’t mean that you have been banned and it’s nothing personal, everyone has the same rights and/or privileges when it comes to commenting.

i have chosen this route because some people have gone a little overboard in the commenting department, mostly every comment is approved so type away.

now check out this business. i don’t know what to say about it. i am half-amused and blown away. get yourself your own buzznet account too, you can upload all your shitty boring snore-a-thon videos like me!