jennifer and i are starting a knitting circle so that fil and matthew can talk about iraq and acoustic guitars together but neither of us know how to knit so we thought that we might crochet but that turns gay real fast so it will turn into taking turns talking over the political debates to talk about YTV and marshmallow picnics instead.

raymi, did you know that when you google the word ‘slut’ you are the 7th

entry that comes up…

I spent some time on your site yesterday and was

hooked immediately…

Keep it up…


ok ok ok

so i didn’t make a teeth diagram but it still hurts and maybe more than it did earlier on and everytime i move around my lower lip i feel it but i can’t stop doing it anyway. pain obsession. it makes me feel alive. etcetera.

and today, also, i am a bleeding factory of menstruation holy shit cervix what is your fucking problem?! here and there it can be just a simple, moderate flow but then a half hour later out of the blue i am bleeding enough for a blood transfusion to suffice the entire population of perth, ontario.

just in case i forgot i had ovaries and what not for a second there.

and i can’t even have fun with the whole being a scarey angry period monster because if i get all riled up all of my insides will bleed out of me entirely and i’ll just be a big pile of bloody mess on someone’s couch and they’ll look at me and go ok ok dude fine you can have the last fucking tic-tac, it’s really not that big of a deal holy fuck.

right, so i watched meet the fockers on a dvd magically obtained from the black market and the best part is when people are walking by and they are wearing baseball hats and you think that they might be some of the loser sketchbags hanging around high school by the shape of their shadow and the badness of their stride, i dunno, i was a bleeding factory ok i told you this already leave me alone!

i had a tooth(teeth?)-brushing accident last nite before band practise. i was dilly-dallying and fil shows up and i’m like okaaaaaay i’ll be ready soooooon so i start brushing my teeth like i am on speed and i am totally in the zone but then all of a sudden my toothbrush slams into that bottom part of your mouth in the middle on the outside of the teeth where that piece of gum whatever mouth-skin is and everything started bleeding.

i should make a diagram to better explain this to you because everything i just said is embarassing.


now my mouth feels all bruised and hurty and i feel like i have old lady teeth and when i squinch up my chin for whatever random manic/spastic facial movements…everything feels sore and cut up and like my mouth is going to fall apart if i open it too much.

ok i will draw a diagram because my life is that exciting.


bingo bango. eventually there will be more garbage art and i’ll change the merch. around though for now this is it. thank you. oh and if you buy something make sure you take a picture of yourself with it/wearing it so everyone can see how cool it looks. thank you again.

Dear Raymi

We found a hotel for 4 days in the middle of march in Dublin, my other friend

is looking for free places that may or may not exist, and I’m looking for a

house around here with some friends for next year. Homeless in Dublin for 5

days sounds dangerously fun. Almost like Kerouac, which I’m reading for class

at the moment, only we’d be in the same city the whole time.

Trying to sort things out with my pseudo-girlfriend. I’m trying to think of a

way to tell her the following “I like you, I want to be friends, and I’d like

to try dating you, but if I never see you again that’s fine too.” I need to

put some tact in there so she leans towards the former two options and not the

latter, but then I think maybe the latter is best for me, and then I think

that I want popcorn. I’ve become increasingly happier as I’ve stopped

thinking about stuff in general, girl included, so I’m going to see how life

pans out without thinking so fucking much.

That’s life this week. Bottling wine in the next two weeks or so, should be


Poker Chips are a symbol of green paper which is supposed to be a symbol of

gold somewhere along the line but isn’t anymore, and gold itself is a kinda

useless metal anyways, or at least was before computer chips and all that shit

so when I think of poker chips it immediately strikes me that our economic

structure is based entirely on the idea that people liked shiny shit back in

the day. It’d be depressing if it weren’t so goddamned funny.

One of these days I hope to find the guy that started the askew angle baseball

hat trend, beat the shit out of him, and when he’s lying prostrate on the

ground beneath my feet I reach down and turn that motherfucking hat to the

front where it belongs. Hopefully it’ll be like when Conan the Barbarian

kills Thulsa Doom in that movie and then all of Doom’s followers just kinda

lose intrest and go back to their lives. Only this way frat boys everywhere

stop for a second and slightly turn their baseball caps so they’re straight.

It’s so beautiful in my mind… well not really as they still disgust me, but

nontheless it’s a pleasing thought.

I’d ask you for advice but I’m pretty sure tact isn’t necessarily your thing

either, so I’ll just say hey, wish you well, and sign my name ;)

I wish you well,


youre funny

which kerouac book are you reading

u should steal the essay i wrote and put on my blog except make it

better and up to par for university standards

hey i can give advice im a good advice giver what do u need advice for

the girl?

well u just have to say it straight

obviously she is obsessed with you more than u are her which is great

for ur ego but draining on yer conscience so u can make yourself to be

a complete asshole til she completely hates the shit out of you and

dumps your ass but then she ould whine to everyone in school about how

much of a fucke you are and then u have that sort of reputation


then u could tell her straight and have her crying and stuff and then

you feel bad and then yer like oh ok lets give this another shot, out

of pure guilt so then u are dating her again for a little bit and

everyday she looks at you and goes you still love me right? and you go

yessssssssssssssssssssss sure i do and then before you know it is

march and you’re off to dublin and the girl breaks into your dormroom

and completely destroys everything.

ok i guess i am bad at relationship advice

everything turns to pure negative evil

what else do u need advice for?