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yeh i guess i look pretty skinny and not as tanned in this picture. it was taken, um, a couple of weeks ago. i’m still pretty tan, though, it’s just the lighting and the pale hungoverness of my being at the time and the angle that shows the skinnay. and the, well, stress. the metabolism. the deepreshion. the everything i decide to take on because i am trying to be everyone’s mother.

enough on that.

the video music awards things are on now and lesbian ho train is on his way over with my cat hat to watch the shit out of it and tell me about the canoe trip and stuffs.

oh and i am not taking lithium i decided. that shit hurt my stomache like nobody’s business, ulcers dude, causes ‘em. as well i was drinking like bukowski all over the place which ain’t cool.

and i saw bb king the other nite and he was too, too moving and this cunt tole me to shut the fuck up even tho i wasn’t talking the most, well, maybe the loudest but at least i don’t have feathered hair and a leather jacket at a bb king concert and if i wante someone to be quiet i wouldn’t wait 50 minutes to tell ‘em so and i sure as shit wouldn’t tell them to shut the fuck up ‘cos you never know who yer mouthin’ off to, you know. so i simply stubbed my cigarette out on the back of her chair, went to the bathroom, and expressed my anger in an adult manner to the other pupils of mine, yes, by using sign-language and dolphin squeaks.


and something.

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