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this pretty girl snuggled up to me last nite and i was all slow-motion, uhhh, fumble-nervous. she was cooler than cool. i was pathetic. she fucking sews and skateboards. i know laura petrie would die for her. blond girl and i fought over her. she was like heaven in a duffel bag, breakdance high-tops wearin’ leave the house without saying goodbye, inegma i don’t know what the fuck. and she flirted with everyone. ahhh. she is the ultimate spy. and we can’t stop talking about her. parkdalemiddleton wants to bang her. coolhandluke, well, he’ll hump anything that moves. this is the ultimate gossip column. oh my god. trucker party is tonite and i could care less. i use to date this dude and i cheated on him and he hated me and i smothered him and what have i got to lose. a battle is brewing. i amthe ultimate hated toronto young whatever annoying shithead. scum. dirtbag. dirtbag.

troma wants me.

imagine that?

you know marachino’s new email address, marachino of the old vice party kids. get me it. i need to see him in the bay area.

radio shows want me.

your dad wants me.




so this girl made me nervous. coke makes me useless. i couldnt dance or sing or talk or move i sucked the bag.

i watched the news. club explosion. ????

coke hangover and an expensive shitty chinese dinner for valentine’s day is what i got.

my money is like, so all over the place. woah.

blerp is a funny word, too.

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