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hello raymi,

you may have already thought about this, so if you have, just disregard and tell me to shut the fuck up.

when you get your assistant, get him or her to check out and start applying for government funding for your project(s)… and i ain’t talking about social assistance.

the department that will want you is Canadian Heritage. it promotes arts, culture and diversity by providing grant funding to Canadian artists. so many different programs that you may qualify for.

from what little i know of your ventures, you should check out the publishing, film & video, media arts, performing arts, visual arts categories alone.

there’s also a federal program that will help you raise funds for your small business. the gov’t will match every dollar you save with three more. the max you can make is $6,000 from $1,500. this just gives more incentive to save cash and get shit done.

the program is called learn$ave.

so check ‘em out (or get someone else to) and see if either are right for you.

your government owes you.

keep your spirits up up Up.


i wll pay someone up to 350 dollars to help me with what marsh said.

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