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sorry i just up and left but some dickhead at your party

DRUGGED my vodka n gatorade

because i couldnt walk straight or talk

you remember when i said to you

i am so drunk and scared and i can’t walk?

it was so weird

good thing i left when i did

some pervotron had plaaaans

and im trying to think of whom

i was up vomitting my soul out

til 6 in the fucking morning

and i passed out for a few hours in a

crouch-position on the bathroom floor, snoring

it was one of those dinks in the kitchen

no doubt

i would be so annoyed if i got raped last nite

i mean

i had a beer and not even all of the vodka n gatorade

and a splash of sake

before i came how can i go from

zero to concussed-to-fuck

from that little boooooze

i have a pretty high tolerance

someone will pay for this

ps – the ironic part is

i went out with the intention of

getting laid

was totally unnecessary for someone to drug me


k bye


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