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go to y2k lounge tonite and see how drunk and uncomfortable i am in nasty underwears.

Thursday, October 17, 2002 3:27pm

I�m about to have a serious major fucking nervous breakdown.

My internet never fucking works now.

This shit cat keeps meowing.

I am so baked.

All I wanna do is listen to this cd I just got (Bombay the hard way) and my fucking winamp cannot read the thing and my cd walkman is out of batteries.

The heat is on pretty high too.

Someone is going to be stabbed real soon.



I have just decided that I am NOT going to work today!

I do not want to go outside in the cold so I won�t.

And there is a good possibility I won�t sing with Coolhandluke at the hooch tonite. I am all delusional and stoned.

Disillusioned, more-like.

I just wanna bath and to lie under my blankets.

I feel sad all of a sudden.

I fixed the internet and I got my cd player working but the cd is not what I expected. I was thinking of this one song Sarah use to play at the VICE store in Soho and I can never stop thinking about the song and I don�t know who it is by or any of the fucking words.


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