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hi darlings. i bought a sailor’s hat yesterday. and some creemore beers. and i did some designer speed. hmmm. not much else to tell you. i’ve been watching you watch me.

ok so here’s the deal. i’m in the process of producing/filming/crafting raymitheminx videos as well as scripting treatments for broadcasters. first and foremost i think a series of several films will be done and sold online. like a raymitheminx show. all the shit you read here but now you can have a stupid video in your very own hands. yeh yeh. so tell me, do you wanna see it or not? whatever. right now i’m stockpiling a bunch of raw footage. being drunk. karaoke. my dumb friends. tanning salon visits. sueprmarket porno…. and i want you in it too. like tomorrow evening for instance, we’re bringing the camera to y2k lounge on wellington to get me in my gotchies and nipple pasties and walking around loaded and you can come and see for yourself that i’m really not as obnoxious as you think. sure. so any involvement would be greatly appreciated. i’d love to hear what you guys think of me, don’t even stroke my ego. i’m a fucking boring loser. is all. and i’m going to take this mo’fo by storm.

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