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go to this. i will be there. modelling underpants and a moustache.
don’t be a faaaaag.

i got this chapstick that tastes like the back of stickers when you lick them. december 10/00 12:34am sunday – everything’s blurry and sketchy. 7-12 lying facedown on the livingroom carpet. face imprinted with fluff. body numb. body exhausted. we are all born already fallen. i hate your neighbor’s dog. so hungry i could eat a packet of sugar. july 3 2000 Knightsbridge, London – short attention span. today i’m going to write the worst piece of literature and i’m okay with that. i can’t believe i flew all the way to the U fucking K to learn how to write. in room 1206. nice view the elevator does not go up to the twelfth floor. we get off at the eleventh and walk up a flight of stairs. all the toilets are retarded. i need to buy stamps. together we go mad. the water only gets hot if you pull on this string that hangs from the ceiling. i saw canadian geese in hyde park. the irony astounds me. i must purchase flip flops and peyote. everyone thinks we’re american. i did K and my legs went paralyzed. i just want a fucking month-long fling. these vicious one nite stands are so crap.

oh my god i just flooded my entire fucking basement arggggh!!!!! fuckds

fvgdkf bye

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