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so i haven’t showered in awhile. do you think people are tired of seeing my boobs? went to the titty bar last nite and spent a jillion dollars and tried to get strippers to hang out with us. we were the most obnoxious fucks in the place. yay! i stole a pair of red mesh underpants today. and i bought new sexy red sheets. i am a sexahol that never has sex. believe me? no. i was going to be on this panel-thing tomorrow for muchmusic but i am not a lesbo feminist so they don’t need me blabbing my mouth off about jlo’s vagina and aguilera’s cuntyness. speaking of which, i am surprised we didn’t get slapped last nite. we were the meanest, most critical people ever. we booed like every girl except the one who gave us an extra lapdance grind and hooked u up with some other stuff. last nite reminded me of laura petrie and how she likes to give away all of her money to smart strippers.

my life is trash.

fuck, this page takes hours to load. i will fix this. maybe.

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