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TONY PIERCE rules. sometimes i actually believe his little dialogues with celebrities. it’s true. i’m quite gullible. i am. i like how he writes about extremely personal stuff and he has all these hot girl friends. i think his ex, ashley is a bit cheesy but, whatever. she’s american. i will write more later about tony. tony tony tony. yay.

my family hates me. they think im crazy and naked and going to slit my wrists. they only look at the pictures on my website, they don’t read it. they like to get together and discuss their fears. their friends email them and say, “raymi is going to be stalked and watched and kidnapped…bla bla” and then i get neurotic phonecalls and emails from my mum and she asks me for the zillionth time when my next crazy appointment is. you know guys, if you think i’m not aware of the possibilty of someone parked outside my house in a civic 24/7, you’re pretty daft. yes i think of how you will react to every picture i post or thing i write and i just don’t care anymore. i don’t. if i walked around caring so much about what my peers thought of me, my head would cave in. i know people who make it their personal goal to constantly please their parents and meet their standards. these people are stressed out, have ulcers, are extremely insecure and are never fully satisfied with the work they are producing. now, is this a good thing?

i am not going to wear a nice conservative dress and work in an office or keep all the things i love about life a secret and i am never ever going to censor myself. i am going to say and i am going to do things that will make you so confused, but it’s ok. i do this all the time. i am “offensive” – get use to it now or just forget i exist.

your daughter has breasts and an ass and a vagina and she likes to take pictures of herself, a hobby if you will, now somewhat out of hand, but still fun and funny and there is no need to sit around debating it.

save it for oprah.

places to consider

somehow i got a hit from this shitty christian blog. that would be pretty cool if they linked me in their most evilest links page or something. and then i got a hit from this weird asian place. talk about loving thyself to the extreme. this girl is like a postcard. serious. and then i forget how i found Naked House and i don’t care. i don’t read it. i can’t seem to get past fantasizing about a naked house. and then we have photos of friends from the beginning of time. some are pretty neat. you can pretend you actually know these lame-os. and then, my personal favorite, How to make a toga dot fucking com

this knob is the knobbiest knob who ever knobbed. “Then for the head, I take a wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle that will fit my head. Then I get plastic (or real) leaves and wrap it around the wire hanger, and then put it on my head. I think it’s called a laurel, or something like that. Looks cool.” one of the girls in the picture should not have been invited to the toga party because she is not wearing a toga and please, if you will, check out the first group photo. the old hag in the front row and to the left, she, is, my, girlfriend.

it’s true.

anti says:

yah my friends don’t get you either….

r le minx says:

well they can fuck off

anti says:

one quote, “why is that chick so naked?”

r le minx says:


r le minx says:

because i am pretty

anti says:

and they’re mostly asstards

r le minx says:


r le minx says:

why do you hang out with asstards

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