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i’m a kleptomaniac. i am. i stole this ulgy sparkly plaque thing of a fish on a fake seashell from the tanning salon and i don’t even like it. i wanted to steal the mirror but it wouldn’t fit in my bag and i’d probably make a huge hole in the drywall. i think i am going to leave a note for my upstairs neighbors and tell them they sound like elephants sometimes and i think about going up there a lot and asking them to shut up. they use our parking space and in exchange they give us 30 dollars a month and let us use their vacuum. well they will once i tell them that is what i want the deal to be. i finally had my crazy appointment today. wheeeee! and then i went to the place where everyone eats and smokes and drinks coffee and looks at themself in the mirror and this guy showed up wearing sunglasses and he was angry and he threw his sunglasses on the floor and growled and smoked and then left before his glass of water arrived. they played bad music. i think. they wrote about the art system party in eye and i was mentioned in a sneaky way. something like, …bla bla and people stripped down to their underwear bla blahhh… i have three new books to read now. one about bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depressive illness. i am also still reading all families are psychotic and the kurt cobain book and a few bukowski poem books. i can never focus on one thing for very long. i have the attention-span of a fruitfly. i told antidisestablishmentarian to make a page about how much in love we are. so he did. i think i will go see harry potter tonite. i have a crush on that kid. i saw him on oprah and i am like, wow. i can’t wait ’til i am a cougar. i am over-heating from the salon. guhh. i spent 120 dollars yesterday by accident. i meant to only spend 50. i bought a furry fuzzy fuckme blanket/rug-thing. ok i have to go now.

k bye.

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