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my skin is horribly pale because it was just the day after pukesville for me. they made me eat all this food and i gladly did but then woke up about 6 in the morning and had to watch a whole bunch of movies on my dad’s satellite cable box-thing to stay awake and not vomit in my hair.

Soooo, antidisestablishmentarian finally made a blog. he was embarrassed and felt like a copycat, which he should, but, meh. he literally just started it so it looks like, uhh, dull, but there is a picture of ME and this link about anti.

ok, i am very very sorry for not sharing this sooner. you see, my left-eye exploded
when i watched it.


Oh right, i’ll have you know that it is my most favorite day of the year:

world aids day

oh man, that was yesterday. well, like we care anyway.

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