i think i have some sort of weird sunday blahh disease – all i can think about is dying my hair black and giving my bangs a chop, bettie paige style and i think i am actually going to do it in the next hour or two – and i won’t stop to ask anyone whether or not it is a good idea, i’m just gonna do it. i dyed my hair orange-ish just last sunday too. i am a nutcase.

i feel like such a cunt. This chica has been paying me attention for the past lil while. she has a fancy website with all of her famous cartoons of hot ladies and i had absolutely no idea – trying to get remotely famous people to pay me attention is like, pretty fucking impossible – and then it happens right under my nose and i am the last to find out. she gets her shit featured in major mags all over the place. click the bunny picture and be jealous of her – i know i am.

Cute girls like to flatter RAYMI

i do not plan to leave my house today. it’s my day off so i’ve decided today i will get things done and if i don’t i will be very upset with myself. i have a new project on the rise. well, many projects actually – but one in particular that i actually plan to finish or accomplish without being all neurotic and panicky. I think i have hypo-mania. i have all these ideas, i start one thing and then i move onto the next thing without finishing the first and then i move onto something else and before i know it i am wasted in some white trash bar singing karaoke and thinking i am the best person in the world and i tell everyone about how great i think i am and then i go home to all the things i haven’t finsihed yet and i get more angry and that’s when i consider smashing things. it’s true. well, kinda. so yah, today it’s all about wearing pajamas, organizing and typing until my fingers cramp up.

the new project is party nites in TO – u can party with raymi. it’s true. there’ll be go go dancers, pie throwing, dj’s/bands, visuals (porn), wet t-shirt contests, body paint whores – all kinds of stuff. I will even do some performance-type bullshit. beginning June, it’ll be at the B-SIDE. I’ll also be doing karaoke nites but that will be someplace else. So if you wanna come by and be a go go dancer or be involved in some way, by all means – just don’t do something stupid. It’ll be something like 5 or 6 bucks a head.

Macaroni is the only stable thing in my life it seems. It�s always there when I need it � easy to make, easy to eat, easy to clean up when I drop it on the floor. It also makes me feel like a very accomplished person when I make it too. Because obviously I am the best at making it. No one, no one can match me when it comes to macaroni. I make it perfectly cheesy and buttery and never too watery. Watery macaroni is sinful. I bite my thumb at watery macaroni. Don�t waste my time.

people are emailing me less. i dunno why, really, but it’s causing some form of psychological damage. i dyed my hair orange – the color of shiny pennies or that stupid chucky doll, last nite. i like it.

things i am obsessed with:

- checking for the mail every ten minutes until it arrives.

- anything with cheese on it

- things i can put in my hair

- underwear

- haiku’s

- chick flicks

- songs that make me sad

- coke

i think i’ve discovered something a little worse than being hungover – food poisoning.


i am so tired of being hungover. i think i will reform myself now. or at least try to. it’s those nites where you say to yourself, “I am not going to drink much tonite.” that you actually end up drinking yourself blind and paying for it twicefold the next day. Being hungover sucks. the end.

I changed my mind. i am making t-shirts. yes, it’s true. they cost 18 dollars + shipping&Handling. tell me what size you want and what specific image.

if you were smart, you could look as cool as this guy.