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Cute girls like to flatter RAYMI

i do not plan to leave my house today. it’s my day off so i’ve decided today i will get things done and if i don’t i will be very upset with myself. i have a new project on the rise. well, many projects actually – but one in particular that i actually plan to finish or accomplish without being all neurotic and panicky. I think i have hypo-mania. i have all these ideas, i start one thing and then i move onto the next thing without finishing the first and then i move onto something else and before i know it i am wasted in some white trash bar singing karaoke and thinking i am the best person in the world and i tell everyone about how great i think i am and then i go home to all the things i haven’t finsihed yet and i get more angry and that’s when i consider smashing things. it’s true. well, kinda. so yah, today it’s all about wearing pajamas, organizing and typing until my fingers cramp up.

the new project is party nites in TO – u can party with raymi. it’s true. there’ll be go go dancers, pie throwing, dj’s/bands, visuals (porn), wet t-shirt contests, body paint whores – all kinds of stuff. I will even do some performance-type bullshit. beginning June, it’ll be at the B-SIDE. I’ll also be doing karaoke nites but that will be someplace else. So if you wanna come by and be a go go dancer or be involved in some way, by all means – just don’t do something stupid. It’ll be something like 5 or 6 bucks a head.

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