Quote of the day, “It’s my party and i’ll be drunk and obnoxious if i want to, an asshole if i want to, a total fucker if i want to…you would drink too if it happened to you.”

hurray for my lazy bumfuckin’ ass. you guys voted me “Most often late to work” so i won one of them anti-bloggies things. i can’t believe it. I don’t really care about the title, the prize i’ve concluded, is the least shittiest of them all. i will inform you as to what i decide to get from amazon.com thank you for nominating/voting and/or caring. i’d like to thank God and my Senior Kindergarden teacher Mrs. Brown for being a scarey coke-bottle glasses wearing freak. I’d like to give shout-outs to my sponsors, that drunk guy Corey down the street from me who also works at the auto-body shop – your love and support kept me going when i was weak and disillusioned and misguided and things like that…..

you can look at the other winners of 2002 here

RAYMI’S MUM(the one groping Barney on the Right).


Maybe you shouldn’t reshedule. It doesn’t look good on your part. Try and keep that appointment. I can’t call them for you, you have to take responsibility yourself.


jesus christ i told you i CANT call until you give me that 6 digit number.

time is running out!!! i need to reschedule, mom.

otherwise i am not going period!

give me that fucking number on the fridge now

i am going to be in massachusettes AND then new york

so i obviously won’t be able to make it.

don’t bother calling them.

just give me the 6 digit number i wrote down on the fridge. you are driving me insane. how can i calm down when you dont listen/understand a fucking word i say?


This was the number from the fridge.

take a deep breath, you sound stressed out,

why are you going to NY?


Stressed out? hah. fucking hell, do u erase my emails? i have probably told it to you a million times.


Sometimes you are eerily disrespectful, why would I be saving your emails? watch your anger and your mouth, show respect,respect yourself, are you working out? This would help with your snappy answers, and make you calmer, give your head a shake and lay off the booze, send this to your fanbase


eerily disrespectful? why do u make up all these weird sayings?

grrlfreak is right, you should go here and like, nominate my blog or something. all you fuckers who hate me can vote my blog into a sucky category. so just do it.

Nominate RAYMI

ok pictures are a litle effed-up again. ah well. karaoke nite was last nite – the most important nite of the week. they let raymi sing 5 songs. i rocked the joint. i teamed-up with this drunken hippie lady to sing Hey Jude and she screamed the JuDeeee Judeeee Judeeeeeee part really loud. it was great. the karaoke lady and gentlemen asked me to be there every thursday. try and stop me from not coming back.