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RAYMI’S MUM(the one groping Barney on the Right).


Maybe you shouldn’t reshedule. It doesn’t look good on your part. Try and keep that appointment. I can’t call them for you, you have to take responsibility yourself.


jesus christ i told you i CANT call until you give me that 6 digit number.

time is running out!!! i need to reschedule, mom.

otherwise i am not going period!

give me that fucking number on the fridge now

i am going to be in massachusettes AND then new york

so i obviously won’t be able to make it.

don’t bother calling them.

just give me the 6 digit number i wrote down on the fridge. you are driving me insane. how can i calm down when you dont listen/understand a fucking word i say?


This was the number from the fridge.

take a deep breath, you sound stressed out,

why are you going to NY?


Stressed out? hah. fucking hell, do u erase my emails? i have probably told it to you a million times.


Sometimes you are eerily disrespectful, why would I be saving your emails? watch your anger and your mouth, show respect,respect yourself, are you working out? This would help with your snappy answers, and make you calmer, give your head a shake and lay off the booze, send this to your fanbase


eerily disrespectful? why do u make up all these weird sayings?

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