Today was/is my dad’s birfday. We went all-out and had dinna’ at J.J.Muggs and saw’re The Grinch. I hate kids. durr.
They’re so annoying with their happiness and their chewing and, “Oh my GAWD! The guy kissed the Dog’s butt.”
Someday in the future, Raymi will birth a babygirl something. Maybe. We will see.
This is after she has her kicks, of course. After she smokes weed on the beaches of Thailand, writing freelance and mending broken toys for little chillen’……wait, raymi hates chillen. hrmmm…nah, Raymi just hates canadian/american chillen. They’re all spoiled rotten and fat and drooly.
K, tha’senuff. For now.
Got that bruisy, booze-eyed look, again. Not enuff ZzzzZZ’s.

I’s gunna try and go for Quality postings, here. Not Quantity.
I have the intent of greatness. Meh.