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Raymbo Brite

Dez is a guy that Raymimposter roped in, remember that? Thanks to her I am getting custom-designed Raymbo Brite shoes. Burn on that bitch much? Yes, very much so. Bet she is reading right meow, hi loser!

Dez made a pair of shoes for MICHEAL BUBLE and delivered them to him on Saturday Night Live! Here is what he said about his experience there I am so jealous. Dez is in his watershed moment of career success I am very happy for the guy, he’s where I wanna be, got mad haters from jealous dork artists and the like, can relate. One day we will hang and get obliterated but for now we work our asses off aiming for the almighty dream. I think attentding the SNL after party means you’ve made it. Remember, you are who you hang out with so surround yourself with the best as much as is possible.

SNL was amazing. Pretty much a bucket list thing I got to do and went to after party and got high-five drunk, slammed a shooter with JimmyF, and basically O . O ‘ed slash perv stared at about a million beautiful women. Totally cool to see live and got to check out bunch of sets at 30Rock.

Brb with tickle trunk dress-up NYE party pics! I’m switching over to my new laptop now, goodbye old friend macbook pro I overheated you one too many times.

Hi! I should get those for my dad for suicidal scrabble games.

Sick guy. What a genius.

Here is another celeb pair. Done for heavy metal band Anvil and their rock documentary ANVIL:The Story of Anvil.

Signed by the band as well on the tongue if you look close.

Kay bye for real now and be right back.

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