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Our minds were blown inside out last night. The visuals, the costumes, can only imagine what backstage looked like. It was Cirque du Soleil on Daft Punk on speed. ie. exactly what I wanted. The opening was gorgeous and serene, felt like a disney production of Fantasia and the opening sequence to the two towers (listen to the first video up there)(ok it’s not the twin towers it’s the other LOTR, the last one I just got lost in a vortex of various themes on youtube), spooky and ominous and then this happened a lot:

And this.

That too.

And this.

Stew and I stayed up til super late again being idiots and wearing my bear costume I mean, “working”.


BRB with a post cavorting as some form of review.

Almost went out like this too but felt it would be too weird. After Empire of the Sun, I now know that I never even knew what weird was. Listen to this and feel happy.

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