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vote for me please

third poll down thank you and holy timewarp they interviewed me a looooong time ago too. why i didn’t get an alert for this contest is a bit suspect. meh.

I am still as compulsive if not more so than I was when I first began blogging. I guess I’m pretty competitive, too, so there’s that. I’m not the only blogger anymore, so I have to keep my wits about me. In actuality though, I know what miniscule talent I have is unique unto itself, so I don’t feel very threatened.

12 thoughts on “vote for me please

  1. Ahhhhhh good luck! Just voted, you truly deserve all the success ahead of you :)
    Yesterday’s gym blog was just another example of how honest you are, I definitely could relate and had a good laugh.

  2. Ditto Raymi, I’ll be recommending you on mine too. trouble is I don’t have readers, and forget how the f#ck to post on my blog..

    And Skippy’s still a weenie for not putting you on his blogroll..


  3. Done Raymi, put in a plug for you. Also added you to my blogroll (should bring you 10 or so extra hits per annum), and so skippy doesn’t get all whiny, added him right under you (he’ll like that)

    du går flicka!


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