i keep forgetting what day it is bullshit christmas time syndrome what the hell should i be doing right now oh nothing that’s right feeling. i should be buying more things. yesterday i tried to find some shoes, boots, military old war looking things, too expensive so i went to try on clarks but it’s buy one get the other half off so i’ll have to wait for fil cos lise couldn’t shoe commit, also, every colour and style i wanted they didn’t have, is get outside the only wallabies-selling store in toronto? please advise if you know of an alternative basically it’s the only reason i ever visit queen and spadina, just to go look at wallabies, caress them lovingly, compose sonnets about them in my head, stroke them romantically, you get the idea.

once upon a time i had a fake pair, i dunno what happened to them, i probably chucked them or my mom did, she has a tendency of throwing out MY things, i think it’s therapeutic for her, anyway.

i think get outside needs to expand to lettieri, fuck lettieri hi i would like a ten dollar flavourless grilled panini and a 3 dollar can of sparkling orange drink WOW i am fucking SATIATED THANKS GUYS!!! oh these biscotti are day-olds? i can’t wait NOT to eat them.

don’t even get me started on biscotti, i know you italians are forced to enjoy them because you’re italian, but why the fuck are they so disgusting and rock hard i don’t care how many nuts and chocolate nonsense you stick to them no amount of extra added flavour can distract from the fact that they are merely just edible doorstops. hey raymi come over i just made some biscotti hey no thanks maria FUCK YOU! someone told me that they get better the more stale they are? nice try liar your lying trickery can’t fool me i would rather eat garbage.

get outside should expand cos everytime you go there 50 people are standing in your way and it makes me want to punch them all out of my way and you know more than half will not be buying shoes they’re just there cos they came in from ajax or markham oh we are in toronto for the afternoon lets fucking stand in everybody’s way and not buy anything.

Sabrina:they are actually really easy to make
and cheap as hell too
i will never understand why they cost 45 thousand dollars

me: well obvs too easy cos i think you guys skipped a step PLIABILITY

Sabrina: they are much better fresh.

me: ok

Sabrina: i don’t care to make them for christmas though
i made these hazelnut cookies with toffee and chocolate

me: u were suppose to laugh at my pliability line

Sabrina: oh, ready= HAHAHAHAHA

me: i dont know if it was the right word to use

Sabrina: well, they are usually so hard it is like eating drywall

me: ok it was the right word
dont take out your anger on me the fact that your race is burdened with a disgusting snack

Sabrina: ahahaha

i just laughed in iraqi


click that for a larger image, tell me if you know where this wall is cos i think that red cat drawing is one of mine i remember that being the only time i drew eyes like that and that’s my eyebrow style too i think it’s in one of the bathrooms at the social i feel like going there right now to find out anyway if you frequent the social go look in all of the bathrooms i don’t remember which one, this is EXTREMELY important. i hope they haven’t painted over it by now. i know for fact that i tagged my blog and a picture of something else maybe which most likely has been defaced though i like to think a shrine has been scribbled around it. oh and if i am wrong and it’s some other artist’s drawing, never mention this again. ever.

dear raymi

i came across your blog somehow, and thanks for some serious entertainment, although its kind of like watching a sitcom, but with more alcohol, and maybe a little of the old spice, as they say, wherever they say dumb phrases like that.

so yeah, thanks, i think? its some silly shit, with gravity. thats important.

cheers! dustin.

yesterday i felt sick again but after some new ho king singapore vermicelli i felt right as rain i am not ordering from spadina gardens ever again though i think their vermicelli is tastier new ho king is way cheaper though. we finished the batman 3d jigsaw puzzle fil even super-glued the last few pieces so now we have a batman bust it’s neat i will take a picture of it for you to see right now lise is over playing guitar hero 2 and opening up songs in my career i hope she wins so i get taken away in a ufo fil said when he gets home he gets to play zelda. my arms and shoulders and ribs are sore from playing the wii sports game i’m going to be all fit and be the wii fat person spokesmodel i can’t wait. we are going to go eat bibim bop now it is meat and egg and vegetables ok bye.

i am never eating turkey again let alone copious amounts of skin and i also mean it this time i was up til 6am forcing myself not to puke i did a little bit but i just sat indian style shivering and hiving my way through until i eventually passed out it was kind of scary i think it was food poisoning. hope everyone’s holidays were fun.

i just woke up to fil playing zelda for wii i wish i had enough energy to hog it off of him. more later.

i just rolled a hundred calabrese/salami prosciutto goat cheese basil tomato creations with toothpicks shoved in to hold together ungh. if my family doesn’t like them i am disowning myself cos they are truly delicious.

oh two nites ago we were playing guitar hero and i was afraid fil would take the guitar away from me so i pulled it into my body really fast and slammed the guitar neck into the bridge of my nose and it’s been sore ever since. my favourite.

the moral of the story is i am really greedy.