Foodie attitudey

Yesterday your fearless hero went to the zoo (where she belongs) for the annual Seafood for Thought eatathon. My third year in a row! I am a important people! Here’s last year’s post: Seafood? I see food I eat it. Funny how some people don’t know I’m “a foodie” yeah I’m all over the place I get that but it’s true, I have reviewed quite the amount of restaurants over the years so I kinda know what I’m talking and eating about.

Tickets to the rain ball and man, did it ever rain.

As you can see it was quite summery weather save for the monsoon so we dressed appropriately & although it Noah’s Ark dumped forty days forty nights style, it was still hot out.

Too hot for a bra even so I Sharon Stoner’d it.

A taste of what was to come except we did not taste Stingraymis™ as they are not for eating but for petting only. They are scary looking things and I was most brave this year thanks to Rebecca’s fearlessness rubbing off on me. She grabbed this one shark and held on for awhile so I copied that. It was a lot of fun. We got soaked again. If the rain won’t get you the stingrays will.

Colleague, ever the s-disturber, told me some women were giving me major stink eye when we passed because of my outfit. Well I’m sorry it’s summer ladies. I’m sure you watch all kinds of sluttily dressed shows and read celeb gossip mags where they are dressed hotter than me and you don’t think twice about it.

Line skipping. Baby doesn’t wait in lines.

Rebecca said we matched (cos of my camel toe) she burned me many times on that and I fell in to the trap each time. I can’t help how these shorts were designed, they’re Bettie Page and since high-waisted 50’s technology has not been advanced to avoid c-toe, don’t blame me.

She wore those earrings in honour of Lady G.

Ferret Bueller.

Act natural everybody!

I did not touch it. I didn’t see the point. It was grooming itself anyway.

This chick is from the old neighbourhood, was nice running in to her hi Jenn! Oh I got stories lol.

Woah easy neck veins!

Wine me up. I wish Cheese Boutique‘s tent was attached to this one during the downpour which turned me in to a sucky pants. I am scared of thunder and lightning. Laugh all you want I have sensitivities. I deal.

First thing in my mouth was yummy ceviche. Can you remember what Raymbecca? If there’s no picture of the resto to go along with then my photographic memory can only go so far.

What kind of fish is this?

But of course.

I rule therefore I am.

Hello old friend.

We had moments to choose where to find shelter not wanting to accept that it was actually going to happen. Self-delusion is one of my strongest skills.

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