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Raymi and vChef

Baking, but make it fashion. No. But make it Raymi.

Hey there all, welcome back to another long-awaited blog post.

Weeks ago, I dressed like that and went to vChef Paper Baking Molds to pick up supplies for a little baking project I had cooked up. I just needed another RTM fungasm in the pan. I guess I just wanted to get baked with Sam (vChef owner). No more puns, I swear.

I’m holding the brown Tulip baking cup here which essentially is the go-to fancy cupcake paper mold you’ve seen around town once gourmet cupcakes came into trend. I like them because people’s fingers don’t get all over your cupcake, organic, cute, and they don’t mess up your baking tin.

They have plenty other decadent products to choose from as well fyi but today we’re just focusing on the cups and loaf molds which I like a hella lot ‘cos the pattern reminds me of LV.

If you’re a baker it makes for a great gift, no? Take your lemon loaf to go bro, I got u. On a budget? No problem, muffins for all!

So on the weekend we got to it. Also, my bf’s bday was afoot so this took care of that, pa-pow.

How hard could it be? Based on the fact I haven’t baked a thing since I was 19… I cook yeah, but baking is a whole other thing. The directions on the boxes are idiot-proof. I only forgot a whole cup of water once though which was as funny as it was perplexing when the mixer was trying to make the dry-ass powder all stick together based on 2 eggs only. Always read the instructions. I am a hyper-hypo with zero patience so, you can imagine what that is like.

Thankfully I had a sous-chef which isn’t called that in baking-world, an apprentice? Okay we get it. He was like did you forget the water? (once we got to the lemon poppy seed loaf) yes I did oops here lol.

So, did you know how sticky cake batter is? I did not. What a mess. This is where my patience first blew a gasket.

Here we go…

I did an edibles weed scientist cooking course on the weekend prior (9am-7pm!!) as it so happens so armed with that (now I am certified, I passed my exam!) knowledge, we wanted to make a few green cupcakes to see how that would go. I got a couple to-go oils for cooking infusions thanks to Cannabis Cooking Club, 7Acres, and Supreme holla at yer girl any time. My mom said the cupcakes were strong. Yeah right lol.

They weren’t rounded like muffins or cupcakes should look because we opened the stove a million times to check on them. Amateurs. No worries, the icing hides all of that ugly!

The lemon loaves turned out normal, success! Also added a couple scoops of some healthy powder stuff I have no idea but “it’s expensive” lol.

While the cupcakes cooled we went for a hike in the minus 12 weather cos we crazy like that.

The sun came out eventually made it less chilly but still those winds, my face got windburn. I wore snowpants and my huge jacket. I have no idea how I ever handled winter before in all the dumb little jackets I’d wear, never again unless I am going to a night club or whatever.

This was a decently-long hike we even walked all the way to smokey hollow falls. I made a joke about anyone bringing a flashlight and, in the end we didn’t make our way back til after the sun set ol Raymbo was right.


So many layers, two pairs of pants… guess how fun it was once the seal was broken and we were stopping and peeing all the time if you’ve never had your bare ass out in the cold winter air wind ya don’t know cold yet then baye.

I’ve a fonder appreciation of snow now. You remember the crazier winters of your childhood and playing in the snow definitely brings out the childlike qualities still instilled in ya. I’m Canadian ’twas bound to happen one time or other haha.

There she be, Smokey Hollow waterfall. As we came upon it we noticed one lady on the other side of the fence, hitting a tree with branches and throwing crap into the falls but not at all on the safe side of the barrier you know what I’m saying plus she was acting strange so I knew I had to say something. I said it in neutral kindergarden teacher voice, um you’re not suppose to be on that side? like in an “I feel” statement style… she quickly turned around and said I CAN BE HERE. Oooooookay fine I did my part if you fall and die or jump, I at least tried. You’re complicit if you SEE something and don’t say something. She did a Ninja jump back over the railing and left WTF.

It was getting dark so we made our way back.

This is like one of those American Gothic portraits.

It’s decoratin’ time!

They turned out very sweet btw. I was impressed. We used cream cheese for the base of the icing with icing sugar and food colouring. Bf’s mom rules!


As you can see the lemon loaves weren’t made yet we didn’t want to lose daylight waiting for them to bake so we did that when we got back.

Cupcakes keep for a long time if stored properly. I’m sure there’s a couple left still. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so.

I love orange and pink together.

Can you guess what was used to make those flower petals?

Well there you have it if I can do it then you can do it.

’til next time!

6 thoughts on “Raymi and vChef

  1. Totally cool with this just becoming the ultimate stoner baking blog.

    Also need some savory cannabis recipes so start testing and send me the winners

    #selfish lol

    P.s. i will be posting again soon….shit be so craZy rn.

    Pps 23 yrs for that monster harvey thank gawddddd

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