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too close to the flame

Heather came by a couple weeks ago. We fooled around with makeup and her camera. Here’s how the shots turned out.

I try and be a good subject when I can.


And touched up by Heather. No clue what she did or how but which do you prefer and does it really matter?

My eyebrows are covered in glitter goop. I had a pimple on my chin that’s why I placed a jewel on it, off to the side all weird like lol.

Heather has been a reader of this blog for years. I forget how many but enough to be moved to paint pictures of me and my RTM name in water colour then become my friend. Cool story bro, birds of a feather. We both bartend.

I bought this jacket in Germany. The pink shirt was Lizzy’s from her bluegrass band days.

My personal favourite. I like that I can look this cute without any touch-ups. Just a lot of make-up and camera angle tricks. I will be 33 at the end of this month (March 31) that fact is not lost on me bruh.

Alrighty then have a nice frigging day. I’m at Swan Dive tomorrow night (Monday) fyi.


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