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It was 16 years ago today

Mocha, my first cat love and Siamese baby.

(read this to the tune of sgt pepper’s if that’s not already blatantly obvs).

It was 16 years ago today

Raymi taught her blog to play

They’ve been going in and out of style

But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you

The blog you’ve known for all these years

Raymi the Minx’s first ever blog post yaaaaaaaaaa!

Now here’s a taste of my first big blog messages, remember, I was 17 and already posessed the confident writer’s voice and audience from Viceland’s messageboard so while these were my first posts, they weren’t my first peacock foray on the www by any means.

Raymi is the name of a character in a book i’m dragging thru the mud, she’s this little vixen bitch whose real young and welp, does everything a minx does, y’know.
It’s called ‘the last minx’ , the book.
My friend and I are making it into a comicbook series as well, which is fun, but we’re real lazy and have all this talent but we like to sleep lots and do stoopid things like drink pop and try on ugly clothes at the salvation Army.
I bought this awesome Chocolate coloured velvet jacket for $6. I walk around pretending i’m Jarvis Cocker and when people ask me questions i look over their shoulders into space and drawl my words.

I was going to copy and paste more but those posts are wickedly embarrassing too so I won’t bother. I’ve lost a lot of photos over the years I didn’t ever back up too, stupidly. I’ll just share some other oldies with you now for a laugh.

Just, you know, doing a clay mask. Prob cucumber based. Got keep that acne in control yo! I never wash my face before bed anymore so terrible. Lizzy doesn’t either.

Based on those pants I can tell I AM 16/17ish here? Definitely pre-UK and before I cut all my hair off and I am not booze-fat yet. All teenage chicks balloon-up once they start partying. I remembe this night, afterward Ward and I went to a house party wherein my older guy friends turned up and beat the shit out of some of the other guys and I was accused of stealing some things that I did not steal cool great time lol.

Bro and I being emo asf on vacation. Teenagers. Something to look forward to.

My bestie Krystal and I’s favourite thing to do was get dressed as hot as we could for the pre-hipster hottie hippies we were and cruise Meadowvale Town centre for boys to check us out, eat food court food, photobooth portraits hell yeah. I am 14 here? My eyebrows and hair were always on fleek.

Now, Brooke and I were besties for a long time and bad as fuck. I got tons of stories from stealing christmas lights, being chased by the popo in our pajamas when we snuck out to smoke cigarettes and cruise Falconer and I think I’m gonna just stop that one right there haha. When I left the house I hiked up these shorts and unfolded my thigh highs you know it.

Bluren says what’s up. Grade seven era Lauren. Just eating a piece of cake at the Nottawasaga Inn. The night before I went to my first Blur concert so I was a bit nostalgic and depressed about Damon Albarn now off somewhere else without me LOL. I’m wearing my Beetlebum concert shirt.

That shirt. What’s up Sook-Yin-Lee!

I had Blue 8 hole docs back then. Everyone always has to establish which Doc Marten they had. They just have to. Too bad Rock ‘n Tees is RIP now.

My valedictorian speech nbd other than making all the bullies cry their eyes out. I should go back into public speaking. Once I learn how to speak again.

My niece. She had a little bit of an attitude back in the day lol.

We loved Oasis too. Quebec city gr. 8 I already knew by this point I was the Valedictorian which was incredible to me because I had already slipped into slacker mode. Alrighty then peace everyone thank for sticking around all these years. Hugs and kisses from Detroit, happy Saturday and Happy Birthday to my dad!

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  1. Great pictures from what seems like a lifetime ago. I remember riding the bus with you to school to st. Joe’s. Thank you for posting these.

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