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Babe Asylum


Broom broom lets go.

It just never ends does it. There will even be more in another post after this oh w/e carry on wayward son.

Lizzy ordered these and they arrived the day after Theatre Bizarre was over LOL.

We wore them over to the wine bar and that was about it. I have a comedy bit about the wine bar fyi.

Fun idea me! RSSR did my minx tat I was like stay in the lines bruh!

Can you imagine being in a full body latex outfit?

It says UNHOLY between your heads. Hmm.

Good times!

Not to make you conceited but costume win, bow to the kweeeeeeeen.

Ding dong don’t GAF tho. (give a fuck to the old people ur welcome).

Gorgeous Masonic Temple WHAT.

Do you see the level of costumes? I have an insane batch Lizzy sent me ready to go but I’m not opening that folder because my brains will explode.

This guy lunged at me and scared me, not really but you know so I was like okay so it’s on now.

Unicorns are hard to find.

Love this goddamn shot.

Hot mess. Feather sighting. Pink paint Mad Max Warriorette was here.

Babe Asylum brunch breakout okay I am just writing nonsense here people who cares.

Dully’s is the best.

Spooky emo rando.

Michigan Ave.

I’ve hit the wall now. time for a T-O!


2 thoughts on “Babe Asylum

  1. Looooove it boo! Best recap of Theatre Bizarre yet. Thanks for the props on my Kweeeeen costume, yours was stellar chalka-woman.

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