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Raymi’s Mint Laser Clinic Hair Removal

Last Thursday I was feeling very mint. Mint laser hair removal clinic to be precise and had the opportunity of stepping in to this world of laser hair removal. Something I wished to have done to my bikini area during those awkward teenage years where everyone is looking out down there for a lookeroonie.

I’m a french lady (part) so what can I say, we gets a bit hairy ma petit cheries mais oui.

But what’s all this laser hair removal stuff about exactly and will it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt. It prickles. My hair was a bit longish because I didn’t do exactly as I was told I thought more hair would help them grab it but long story short make sure you shave the night before, not the morning before that’s too much time to let it grow back. I have 7 more treatments to get it right no matter ain’t nuthin’ but a thing.

This is after I had it done and feeling cool as a cucumber.

We all saw a video of my first treatment last week which engendered a great discussion on my Facebook too. Keep the treated areas free from tanning and shaving for a week, in which the lasered hair will fall off. As we speak the beginnings of that are happening to your hero fyi.

They brought her in specially for me. We bonded instantly.

All the places you can have lasered on your body.

Great facility and it doesn’t take long at all. 15 minutes, about.

I wasn’t scared either or psyched myself out and am looking forward to the next go at it.

Requisite out front location shots.

I love the cut of this dress. I was going to wear a green one to match Mint’s colour scheme but it was too big on me.

It was definitely a fun time.

Located snugly in fun and flirty Liberty Village there is lots to do after your visit to Mint.

This store in particular drew us in like moths to a flame.

Til next time Amigos.


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