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Hi have no life

You ding dongs ready for a thuper post! What’s up Love Robot whuttttt ^^ #respect.

I went with Ben Miner to a comedy gala thing for blindness at the Carlu, swanky night! Sat at a table in the front row like ballers. This one comedian said a joke that I had heard on tv before that I repeated to an ex of mine and we made this joke everyday all winter long to each other then I HEARD that very same joke this night, blasted on beers dressed like a gala diva (just go with it) and it was a very zen moment for sure.

My favourite house. I asked if we could shoot a web series here. They said yes. Now I just have to make it crappen.

Another givin’er weekend is upon us. Stoked. This hot weather is so exotic. My mother said that. I would have said tropical. Same diff.

Ya guy.

Got there early, got all ma shots in there bro Lebowskis.

He did something lewd below me. This was aftermath. Only because I don’t like how I look in the photo I’m not sharing it.

There may be some monster bikini sightings this w/e.

Got a bit of sun there.

Then we multiplied into more. Good night this night plus weekend.


Bouquet of kittens so adorb.

Then went to Streetsvegas.

I used this camera in Holland. It makes all experiences seem touristy and beautiful. I used it in Aruba too. Spectacular. I have always loved photography.

Finally changed my toenails. These are neon yellow teeks my mom gave me. I had them in hot pink but were ruined in Aruba from water. The first time I went. They’re comfortable and very light.

Mom gave me a bunch of light white tea towel doiley-like shirts I just discovered that’s why they’re so wrinkled. These acid wash shorts used to be jeans. I found all these shorts from a previous life that all fit me perfectly. DOPE SQUAD.

Not a bad look Lauren.

Walk softly, carry a big stick.

Ok doke, time to fold my laundry now and edit some things and be a business lady. Oh if only you knew. Actually I am glad you don’t. Check you later.

Enjoy your day, no complaints here. For now!

4 thoughts on “Hi have no life

  1. That walk softly look does look good for summer . It’s good to see that you are writing. Anyway, hi. Hope you’re good. xo

  2. Love those linen shirts, so cool! We made 1001 origami cranes for my mom when she was dying from cancer. I didn’t want to keep them after- so sad :( But really, I love your photos, love browsing your adventures and am waiting for your next book, still have your first one! :) Keep writing, do what you do which is: WINNING!

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