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too heat exhausted for words

I see that I applied my makeup like an idiot yesterday. Whatever.

I did not know that garbage bag would be in the shot. GREAT STUFF!

I don’t ever want to wear a string backpack ever again. It’s like hot burning rope digging into your tan. Exactly like that.

Went ALL OVER streetsvegas yesterday. Long day. Was awesome. Mom was shooting a Nepal benefit. Mad nostalgia-laden that town is. I dragged my roommate everywhere.


Ten years of my life spent here.

Three here. I transferred in grade 9 from catholic cos I was so done with religion. I also wanted a change of scene. I graduated in grade 12, but I think I took some extra credits? Going to summer school in England is what sealed it all up fast track style for me I think. I will have to go look into this.

Pretty awesome seat to watch the concert which ended around 6:30.

Had to keep ordering here because I wanted to watch from the patio. We left for another long adventure then came back again to watch the rest of the show. I have ADD. If there was a family circus cartoon of our foot traffic all over streetsville, it would be ridiculous!

This is from Holland. Mom snatched it right off me.

I’ll be blogging Saturday’s pool jam birthday party bonanza pics later on this week. All the things.

Smooth operater.

To be continued.


One more thing. This is my Nana and I from last summer at my cousin’s wedding. I was her date because my Papa RIP. It was an emotional and lovely occasion so this is a truly poignant photo. My brother saw it and was like um who took that photo? I was like why??? He was like because it’s like, good! He thought some big shot photographer took it. A wedding photographer bro that’s all. Oh Nana. <3

And this for good measure. Kay Happy Victoria Day all.

xo RLW

(I was going to talk about how I started writing again, Lauren Writing again but forgot but intended too zzzz k bye).

2 thoughts on “too heat exhausted for words

  1. This last photo though…so great!! It’s like you’re a confidently reluctant mobster boss surrounded by an ecclectic mix of people who are experiencing a great moment together, and you just happened to look into the camera.

    PS looking forward to your book…all of the stories!

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