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I dont feel great I need to create


It’s gorgeous out better wrap this up quickly. Blabbity blah here’s some stupid crap about myself etc etc go blogging.

Versatile pieces, mix n match master.

I always feel at conflict with photographing my body. Sharing it. Like I should feel shame. Like there is something specifically about me that sets off other women when I go lewd. When I reach a happy goal and don’t give a _____ because I am going through some shit right now, it bothers me. To let others’ nasty comments affect me. Influence. Something that I daily work on for me. People are gross, long story short.

Last night was awesome though. We dominated trivia and won. Had a big crew. Lots of wings and good times. Next week it’s Kevin Bacon! I should tweet him. Okay I just did LOL. I JUST saw Footloose for the first time a few nights ago. On the weekend I guess maybe that’s why it felt extra magical? I mean there is stardust and glitter at the end of the movie. People have been enjoying my obtuse facebook status updates about movies I’ve seen 30 years after the fact. I have seen a lot of movies but somehow (it happens to us all) a few classics slipped through the cracks. “Must see” classics I mean. Like, the entire Godfather trilogy. We rented them like good citizens you know but I avoided watching because I saw that they were a double VHS copy (LONG BORING!) and I wanted to watch unicorns and shit instead right? So I played in my room while my brother and dad got through them.

Fast forward to now, a few weeks ago and I watched all three godfather movies! An accomplishment for real seeing as no one has time anymore for anything let alone 3 fucking 3 hour installments BUT everything makes sense now. Why guys are so hard for gangster shit and how much goodfellas and casino could not exist without The Godfather. How Andy Garcia is so spanish for this role and watching with my latin ex who is an expert on all things spanish therefore… anyway it was an awesome escape definitely to sit down with the right attention span and take in these movies I have somehow avoided major plot point spoilers for decades. I also talked about my movie watching progress throughout with my one Italian friend and it KILLED HIM to hear my anecdotes, pure comedy you’re welcome.

There you have it.

Last night. I toyed with wearing a belt or not. Who says I need to wear a belt?

Greasy hair a bit. Felt Rock and Roll yesterday I guess. Got some good shots outside during sunset though please standby.

Back to le grind xo thirsty Thursdettes.

5 thoughts on “I dont feel great I need to create

  1. you thank you for posting and continueing to post and leaving all amateur wanna be bloggers in tha dussssttttt. u own this shit and u know it. let the success be the best revenge.

  2. I don’t know where to start:
    1) Sorry you don’t feel great, but you sure look great in the long skirts! HOT.
    2) Wha-what?!? I know chicks don’t get Godfather, but you’re such a master of all media … I’m glad you’re finally on board. One more thing that makes you more alluring to guys! She knows Godfather! Go to the mattresses!
    3) AC/DC is always kick ass, but even more so on you.

    Have a kick ass weekend!

  3. You look great!

    Been an off and on reader since Tony Pierce linked to you years ago.

    I suppose it’s normal to feel some anxiety about putting oneself out there the way you do. Ignore the haters.

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