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hike it up

Hello gorgeous. Got twenty minutes to kill well stick with me then. Went to Mount Nemo on Saturday and it was super fun.

Hiking is so good for the soul and the body. Will do more of it in my life have decided. If you wanna hike with me anytime lemme know I’m game for it!

You’ll have to take my pic a little bit along the way perhaps but what else is new right!

This thing jumped out at me. Wasn’t huge but enough to startle me. Then hissed at me too, oh really? Fuckin’ snakes. So useless. Nobody likes you!

Storm damage hither and yon.

What’s good about Mt nemo is you can walk along the escarpment up there and have many different vantage points to look out then you do the whole trail, it’s not too long and definitely not too short but just perfect which is why it’s my new fav. Been here many times before as a kid too so it holds the nostalgia factor.

No makeup, looking kinda downwards at camera is a ballsy boldsy move when one is looks obsessed and has an image of beauty to uphold. We all can look fug lets be real here but to be hot while fug is something to own I believe and especially as we age because we all do! I had a great time so it’s okay to smile and look like you’re enjoying yourself. There is always some loser out there willing to point out your flaws so I will beat them to it. It was a magical hike and you cannot take any more joy away from me. Fifteen years of blog abuse makes someone like this. I am not the only one with insecurities who uses instagram filters and wears sunglasses.

It’s chilly out today yet the weekend was SO NICE no matter how muggy grey this photo is I assure you it was like the Raymazon.

Time to sculpt my guns some more. Once over 30 your body requires constant maintenance.

I was “being funny” here.

I took this bench shot exactly like this because I thought it would be a whimsical facebook header photo. I still have my eye for shit despite all my narcissist selfies don’t worry.

Red Trillium.

“Don’t push me cos I’m close to the edge.” Something like that.

We enjoyed, watched and listened to these birds circling for awhile. Hawks?

But of course.

We kept coming upon all these dangerous edge parts of the mountain and so I wanted to get an ultra risky picture knowing that night I’d play it all back in my head and then get vertigo and the sweats hahaha. I jumped one of the cracks later on and THAT is when I got the fear and stopped fucking around up there. He jumped one part then I chose an even wider gap and once I landed it I got the spooks and did a little pee pee can’t believe I just did that dance.

The drop down that thing… no chance of survival. That is as close as I was comfortable to getting. A lot of these pics you can’t tell how dangerous and stupid they actually are that I’m posing in. I felt reckless I guess. Don’t care if I sound like a pussy and this is nothing to you. For my comfort zone it was pretty dangerous enough.

That zit on my nose has been hanging out for a few days haha.

See the actual edge there! What an idiot!!!!

That would be painful.

Afraid of heights anyone? I know some people who are.

Each time we thought we were done with the edge pics a new spot would appear.

A huge bee was swarming around here at the time too, you can see that dot floating above me well anyway not the best place to be dodging a big fat bee at all.

I took all these awesome pics of him like this so I had to copy for myself.

These looked REALLY green to me at the time. I used my phone until the battery died pretty much. Forgot my camera. We went to eat in Lowville afterward and then for another hike. Hiking makes me fungry.


Okay doke TTYL Little Raymis.

2 thoughts on “hike it up

  1. Awesome photos Raymi. you look really great in those shorts. Nemo is where I rock climb on weekends! Last week some kids threw a huge rock over the edge– very scary… don’t think they knew climbers are down there. Glad you were careful near the edge. Last year while I was climbing there one day, a hiker fell… Mountains always win.

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