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Yo there sports fans, ready? Why not! Yesterday was just a gong show. Or maybe I am just the gong show. Probably. No, but it was fun. The weekend over all was pretty decent.

The ride back from Port Credit was very foggy. Shit got REAL O_O but your hero survived. Don’t worry.

Lots of zen moments to balance out the cray.

Some Robocop moments were tight as well.

Happy Mama’s Day doe!

I felt like boat trash so I fixed up my face. I didn’t really wear makeup this weekend, embracing the natural and tan I have been building on my mug. Mom gave me this long black hoodie, it has ninja gloves for running (or boating!) and I love it. I got hosed on buying her mother’s day dinner but whatever worth it you know I love to foodie out. This week I am going to eat like a rabbit. I reduced my new “base line” and I want to maintain it godsarnit.

Pulling up to the restaurant by boat was amazing and felt obnoxious and EVERYBODY was watching the entire time. We had a laugh.

Once the rain stopped yesterday was gorgeous and nice and hot in the sun. Rushing to the boat was mental however, I will refrain from making this post any kind of negative so nevermind.

Oh, well, hello.

As you can see I had no time to do my hair yesterday. Whatevs.

Yeah sure this will be a decent boat outfit lets do this!!!

I did not eat all of that avocado. Notice only TWO pieces of bacon and ONE egg. I am trying. Ha.

This was such a good lady drink mmm mmm yum. I had jerk shrimp for an app. They lost my order. The girl avoided our table for 20 minutes. Bad form. I did not snap at all I will have you know haha. Shared chicken dijonaise for a main with mom.

There’s a lot of teeth in this blog post I noticed.

Annual captain’s hat selfie.

Keep it real mom love ya!

Went for a great hike on Saturday I’ll post those photos in their own post.

Bought flowers for my ex’s mother. I met her last week. We hang. As friends. Yeah I’m not gonna go there right now lol.

Walking in the forest in that muggy heat felt like the amazon I very much needed an escape and it was perfect. I went to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling well also this Saturday. Been feeling very stressed and it’s starting to appear in the form of affecting my health. She was like go for a walk and I was like okay done.

Love Mount Nemo.

Cowabunga my friends.

I put on a bit of a secret fashion show. I found these booty bathingsuit shorts (not pictured here) I am finally less love handled enough to wear. You will have to wait though. My phone is crammed with shit because I forgot my camera because I am a dingaling.

I definitely ate like a beast this weekend. I can make myself look like a treasure troll when I’m said and done with it. No hips, belly sticking out with hip bones like what the fuck??? hahaha.

This isn’t even the half of it.

I love this skirt.

I saw a coyote. Took many more pics I put on facebook that if for not them would not have at all remembered.

Got incinerated by the sun here wearing all black. Smart move idiot.

Hope your Mondays were ________! Hasta la vista for now.

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