shot an arrow in your harbour

Happy good Friday to you all.

Totally would have coloured the chick something weird regardless BUT I still needed a yellow for the flower’s centre’s! whatev. I stopped at adding crucifixes I didn’t want to punk rock it up too hard.

Dranks and a snack out last night. I kinda spaced that it was good Friday today. Everything closed. Ghost Town.

Moving day. My birthday. I keep forgetting. Feels like I didn’t have one.

Except for this then pretty much went right to bed.

A couple of weeks ago. I feel like dusk is a haunting time of day, if you have missed the day by chance. You get a panic – oh no, my life is passing me by. I made a morning coffee joke today while looking at the clock and said I am watching the seconds of my life literally tick by. We laughed of course but yeah the more time is wasted the more my clock ticks and I don’t intend to waste it anymore.

Found my shirts for next Friday WOOT! I bought two. 6 bucks each. Secret ace in the sleeve store hell ya. The girl who checked me out was very chatty to me so it was a retail bonus. I was wearing a sweater from said store and maybe that is why also, like I was store royalty because I knew if you wanted that particular sweater you have to have been there in November sorry! Trifecta funny because it’s such a basic store so I am their basic queen. Guess what world, basic is the majority, hashtag winning. Air quotes. Whatever. Yeah whatever man, so whatever. This dialogue is off the chain.

Lacey lacey lady. Mom unloaded lots of pants and tops on me for my bday.

The mirrors are close together so you kinda have to contort to get all the action in.

Birthday celebrations continued into April fools, that we were. Was a nice and full day. Love being active and outdoors. Ate too much though. Back to dieting.

Yesterday’s linner. Trying to only eat once a day again.


Mom dress hook-up she wore to a wedding. Belting it! The summer of belting it? Oh god I need to get belts so bad man.

I am going to add more blond soon. Just wait til it is really hippie long and golden shit will get bananas! Maybe?

I like how I am always charting progress with hair forecasts and weight loss, body chiselling. The thing is when these things happen things DO change somewhat. You start to dress bolder and then have crazy pictures. I am nearing Kim Cattrall phase/years where cougars behave embarrassingly and what not so you know, have fun with it while I can. Before everything starts drooping, dropping and so on.

Dita Von Teese looks amazing no? I could just keep going right? Answer me you friggin blog! haha.

Unpacking progress isn’t so bad. I have hung up a lot of stuff and did a ton of laundry blabbity blah. My room will be mint when I am done with it and I’ll take proper pics oke-doke.

Packing was so stressful. Well moving I mean. I feel relief now.

I’ll miss that location for the infinitieth time but I am super psyched right now to be here.

Long day bruh.

Aw hi.

From the bustling tropical oasis locale of Burlington I bid y’all adieu.

ps. blog post title came from this song.