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run deep run wild

Well, hello there.

I feel like there is a Kardashian (several) version of this shot. Thank you Dave for capturing this. Alllllllll THIS. It’s not as skanky as you think I was going slow and steady to protect my knees. #oldlady

(Should I get knee pads for getting in and out of the ring, matching knee pads? Sexy knee pads? Note to self for later).

I will probably rupture something today doing perma-abs flexed. Should I bring my cat ears? Raymiana Grande it up? I’ll pack a little tickle trunk. I’m like Ms. Dressup Ms. Minxup.

And, do I keep the blue nail polish?

AND, I will not be standing as casual as this today.

Thanks for the shoot mom.

A courier brought my makeup from Naked News so I am going to blast my eyes with Black Swan face wish me luck on that.

Oh you know, working on my cougar niche market. Hello boys.

I’m going to be signing autographs today. I will post a picture of the first one I do (if it happens). Have been working out my signature slogan ok here is one, KEEP IT REAL, RAYMI LAUREN and then draw a star and a heart, that’s my thing fyi.


Keep it real no matter how you feel! RLW and a bunch of scribbling.

I figure I need to write something impacting, but don’t stalk me, stalk TO me and memorable. Actually eveyrone will get something different. Like add me on Facebook. READ MY FUCKING BLOG. Yeah, gonna go with that. Actually I will dial it back. We will see lol.

Yesterday was the first time I ever tanned with my makeup off and put bronzer on my face.

Alright that’s enough dilly dallying wish me luck Little Raymis ILU TGIF IDGAF GTFO GTL DTF ROFL XOXO OMFG BYE. Shower time excellent!

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