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hate is the new love

Hey boo, or, boos. Booboodoodoos is what I actually prefer, but anyway, hey.

Don’t think I have ever blogged this amazon photo of myself which is jarring because it is so Raymazing. I feel like at the time “I had a lot going on” and always meant to get back to that dinner because in the frey are a ton of great shots. At some point in every blog post I complain about shit like this. My photos, my photos, where are my photos oh God! Fuck. Then I hunt through flickr and get speedbumped in the brain with other stuff to sprinkle around, which I do, and then more time goes by, more messages come in, notifications, emails, what have you I am VERY much a person at the breaking point with technology addictions as well as personal life changes? Too much input for sure.

My friend just emailed me, I looked at his name appear and rolled my eyes because STOP JUST STOP EVERYTHING STOP TALKING AHHH and his email is complaining about the same shit I am writing about now.

He interrupted, sorry, emailed me earlier to “do something” more unsolicited life advice (COOL GREAT THANKS BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH IN MY BRAIN ALREADY) and then I was all I AM ALREADY DOING THAT VERY THING TODAY ARGGGG AGHHH!!! (but then in nice voice I said good, find me a local person then).

So his email just now was about being sucked into a vortex of internet shit and not finding the thing for me that was HIS GODDAMN IDEA TO BEGIN WITH but then a funny anecdote about discovering Hamilton has a nude beach so that’s good but also ends in “I hate the internet”.

He just wrote again and said not to talk about him because he is supposed to be doing heaps of work. We have been annoying each other for years and years online and have stopped talking altogether of recent or for a stretch there because we just slack so fucking much I guess as well as create in other capacities. That’s why the internet is great because when you are busy fucking around on it you can fuck around more by reaching out to all your buds and then become overwhlemed moreso.

Anyway it’s one of those days and I don’t even have time for this.

I’m not going to relax until everything is unpacked and my mother, god bless her, keeps giving me bags of more clothes. Awesome as they are, it’s just a lot to deal with when part of you requires order and wants to be organized, yet the other half wants to relax and take it as it goes.

This is all smug priviliged whining now that I think about it.

No matter what you do in your life, everything, anything, is annoying at some point.

I am psyched for this Friday however and going to dance out these demons right now as well as prep for a photoshoot I bet will not be over soon enough to get postcards printed but who cares.

Okay Dave Cave is here now kay bye!!!!!!!

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