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No time no time! I be moving! Here I am on my 26th bday in Vancouver, was in town for the Junos and this was an awesome after party gala. Great swag bags that night! I met feist too!


This is a bday restrospective because I look like a moving witch right meow lol.

Anyway you get the point lets look at another year.

The following year I was a twiggy blond.

I packed a lot of crap for one night.

Entering the 27th club. I made it out alive lol.

Lady Gaga was huge at the time I guess haha.

Anyway that’s enough memory lame for now. Thank you for being a friend!

Here’s a picture of me and Josh Homme (went to QOTR on my 28th bday).

Had biz mezzanine to myself at sound academy.

Was epic.

And proof of my legendary shots moment. He gave me one of those. That dude groupie would not leave him the hell alone either so we could not have a private moment. What’s worse than chick groupies? Dude groupies. Completely useless.

My 5th (6th?) birthday was pretty off the chain too.

2006 on tour with Matt Good Birthday looked like.

2008 bday.

Here I am last Friday though btw!

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