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Happy Christmastine’s Day all!


Shout-out to my homies, whagwan? What’s good?

Welcome now to the very public showcase which is my life, delicately edited for your pleasure (here’s hoping) and for everybody else, don’t care. #gangster

Lets start backwards because cool and simple. It’s freezing in my room right now I am considering moving into the livingroom to blog.

Oh hi.

This weekend was so lazy. It was so cold. Only insane people go out and have fun in that. Going out dancing this weekend instead to make up for it. I bought that stupid cute little number gotta go out and show it off no?

We completed 2 boxes of chocolates. I did as many exercises as I could to make up for it including training, crazy running intervals, and new core work that I am still sore from and showing abdominal improvements like a washboard for. I really want to look like an arachnid or Jesus H. Christ as soon as possible. I actually want to look like Shia Labeouf in the Sia video. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that crazy can’t sculpt you because it can, will, and does. Of all the side-effects of insanity, that one is a plus.

I feel like you always get duped when you order a mimosa when out. They definitely do not make it like you would at home. Yes super waste. I can’t get wasted on this! Hey remember when I was sober? Yeah well I’m still a light drinker and a lightweight so don’t worry in case you were. I love that a little goes a loooong way despite complaining about this mimosa so weak you could give it to your baby. baha

Size 27 pant in US btw is 4 (some say six) so lets say 5 to be nice. THE DUMBEST spat occurred in my comments over the weekend that I definitely should not be bringing up again now but I think it was a good example in online etiquette and being purposely obtuse, snarky then playing innocent then being told to lighten up. It was a tiresome bore and sucked the life out of my lazy Banshee bender trying to have some quality shut-in time with my Valentine.

I leave dumb comments all over the web so I understand. Sometimes I’ll both stare at and re-read a one word comment I’ve left somewhere and cringe knowing that the person won’t know how to analyze it.

Sometimes if you write HA! They can take it to mean HA! at them and not HA! with them.

But then it’s like who cares but then it’s like facebook is just a cauldron of your own drama, cast of characters and shit you put out there so have a little mercy. Also get a life.

I forgot my phone at one point this weekend and was like it’s ok you can refresh notifications when you get back. While at other points I put my head down, deflated, thinking this is so like Holland where I can’t roam off wireless and tweet every thought and cute things I see because I’m in The Netherlands. Off the grid. For two hours. You then realize how addicted and tethered to the various communications you engage with throughout the day. None of it matters but it can be awfully enriching when you have a roving, wandering mind.

Glitched. Have fixed version but whatevs.

Hahah WIND MACHINE #fashion.

Sans instagram filter. Not bad not bad, going to try to incorporate my eye crinkles the more comfortable I get being down with them. Don’t worry I’ll still wear shades and lots of makeup and soft camera lighting plus filters whenever I can/the time calls for it.

What’s a blogger to do right? Hint hint my blog title? I had this breakthrough in a post-ablogalyptic universe starring me post-blog (but the blog must go on!) how unhireable I now am. Except for pushing the envelope more and more.

Always be edgy I was once told.

Sometimes to get over mountains you have to go through them. #Banshee (almost done season 2 now).

But yeah to eclipse the little people you have to steer from them I guess.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and when the treasure is treated as such, good things happen.

I feel like I am writing a fucking harlequin pornmance.

Yep. Wine slut again.

Oh Jesus. I hit publish. So this is a grower post to those smart enough to come and see before I put it on Social Media blast.

We played this on Friday night. Fun and funny. We make each other laugh all day long. Like ten minutes goes by completey utterly wasted by laughing at the dumbest thing like a facial expression or, a word. It is surreal to be dating again. I’m still very cautious but there’s a lot of non-red flags to just be chill. It’s only when other people meddle is when problems occur but all in all it’s good. This weekend was a test for sure. I haven’t spent so much time non-stop together with someone since I was engaged yeesh. When people like each other they can smother one another it’s incredible. Passion plus I dunno but again “this time around” Raymbo is playing it safe. To be continued I guess.

Can’t even. That face. Face girls are always doomed no? Do women ever discuss trophy boyfriend collection? Remind me to talk about that someday when I run a superfluous girls club with Candice Bergen.

One of the things we ate this weekend. Deadly good.

He let the buttermilk thicken for like an hour on the counter I was like wtf are you doing over there now uh ohhhhhhh I seee neeeeeeeat.

I LOVE the taste of corn tortillas. How about corn deep fried zucchini magic? Transported.

What’s a little tonuge burn? Some like it hot.

Spicy beef patty action.

I lost 2-3lbs.

No more carbs screwing around this week. You’ll see why soon.

Leftover steaks and plantain breakfast.

haha shut up allow me to continue.

Didn’t get around to that yet….

Hibernation presents.

That is healthgoth. 1. look goth, 2. fit. yes I am talking to you #troll #bitch.

It’s Mardi gras in new Orleans right now and I am leaning against this wall.

There’s chocolate on my grey grunge sweater from Holland, on the right shoulder. :(

I’ve been making my homemade caesar dressed salad modified from The Beaver for years. Eventually not far long maybe even a decade. You can put anything in a caesar salad NEWSFLASH.


Oh yeah look at that gravy.

Lentil soup fainting. So lemony mmm.

Had to include, almost lost in the frey. Sorry I am the worst.

Yesterday’s jam.

This morning.

Edison light from Earls.

Willpower breakfast.

Canadian tuxedo family day afternoon.

Heartsy artsy.

Winter tan!

Love it. Want it.

Okay guys not that this is dire to go on with or anything so I’m going to exercise now. Hope you had a splendid long weekend and a great day today so far.

Love Raymi.

3 thoughts on “post-ablogalyptic

  1. a lot of restriction and conviction. work out like a fiend and target danger zones. portion control. i’ve been working at it for awhile now but it’s never too late. no carbs. no sugar. yeah i cheat here and there but overall it’s like 80% no carbs no sugar. drink water frequently. coffee (green tea) is your friend!

    If you think it’s a carb it probably is.

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