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you dont like it it dont like you

Please ignore my blog titles. Sometimes I think I’m being dark and witty then I save these sayings that come to me and by the time I get around to blog-using one it’s like, cool relevant?

I love to be obtuse. When I’m not busy being acute, that is.

Whatever. I’m funnier than you are.

I try not to get lost too much in the stupid things I profess. This post is only supposed to be about the handful of selfies I uploaded and nothing more today, but now I AM lost in explaining the method to the radness which an artist should never do, except I always do – can’t stop now.

Winter is very much feeling like a jail sentence. I have been watching a lot of this show called Banshee, do you know it? It’s that show where the sheriff is a guy who just blew into town out of jail, conning the town and it involves sexy Amish people (there’s this one chick you just gotta see, oh man) and more interesting back story going on in the show. A lot of nudity and violence.

I’ve also completed watching the first season of The Affair. So juicy that one, gets a bit dark and draggy but you’re sucked into the story and characters. It makes you think about relationships a lot, cheating, passion. What’s more important, your lust or keeping family together. I think an age-old conundrum and people get agitated about this subject because nobody wants to know if they’re being cheated on.

Went for a very needed tan with mom. Time to get that body ready.

Definitely have to do some cardio today. Boylord is getting together with Dave Love our drummer today! Something came up.

How I look w/o instagram filters not bad for an old lady

That bloaty paunch is gone now too. Well, reduced.

So yeah I guess I switched boyfriend teams… the other one has already been married before (twice) and not interested in doing it again and seeing as I am of a delicate age right now it’s time to sail on down the river hahaha. I am bummed I liked him. We had great sexual chemistry. Sayonara!

I’m not making a relationship the focal point of my life right now anyway, some changes are (a change is gonna come!) about to occur to keep me occupied and build my brand/career some more/there’s always more peen down the road. BUT, juicy gossip bomb, as it turns out you might recognize some of the surroundings I’ve been posting my selfie settings in.

Watching the affair, having one…

I will admit the vindication feeling is superb when someone breaks your heart, realizes they lost someone incred then fights to get you back for months and months and months. Now that I am back from the dead it’s different now humongously.

There is a distance now that must be earned back. I’m getting over the other guy. I feel sick all the time and have no appetite. I never tell this shit to you guys but whatever. I bleed like you do too I am not any better.

I will have to continue this conversation later though because we have a viewing this afternoon and I have some errands to do and hair dye to buy.

Yesterday my tits were famous a little bit. They got more fav’s and retweets than this by the time the russsssssh ended lol. I love bragging about my one secret famous friend who gives me advice every time I am about to do something stupid (and slutty) and he always says to go for it. So I went for it and #freethenipple rewarded me.

I cannot handle booze anymore. This was yesterday. See how I need to dye my hair real bad. Gonna get this superhero kinda red.

Face obsession done, fungrily yours,


6 thoughts on “you dont like it it dont like you

  1. I love the phrase “Method to the radness.” Way to go Raymi!

    I thought your tits were already famous, but I’m glad they got more of their “15 minutes of fame”.

    Good job with the “obtuse/acute” joke. As someone with a science background (I’ve actually been coauthor of a scientific paper), I’ve heard that one many times, but still enjoy it.

    How can you brag about a famous friend if that person is also secret?!?

    Wishing you the best with all the relationship stuff… it’s never easy to be in that transitional phase.

  2. Famous or not, telling you to go for it it good advice. I have not been so brave but if I had been, well, I won’t dwell on what I can’t change but I know that nowadays, I am more likely to try, to go for it, to do it, to (as Janis put it) “get it while you can” – because what else is there to live for but to truly live? Taking chances is part of it. Same goes for love, right? Sometimes we have to put our foot down and stop something because we know we should have better – times’ a wastin’ – and then other times it makes sense to give something (or someone) another go because the heart and mind wants resolution if it can get it, and if it could be a good thing that’s worthwhile, why not? Maybe it’s about giving yourself all the chances you can to be happy, in whatever way that is — blah blah blah — whatever you’re doing, at least you’re doing something!

    F* the ‘old lady’ b*s* – you look fantastic for any age. Keep doing you. It’s inspiring.

    Also, hey, no matter how many times a heart gets wrangled, so long as it keeps beating, there is still time to allow yourself to have what you want. Whether this works out or doesn’t, at least you’re doing what inspires me most about you – going for it.

    Love that hair so much right now. <3

  3. So funny to think you’re an old lady. I wonder if there’s any hold outs on its trying to date you knowing it will inevitably be apart of your blog. But clearly what an old lady they’d miss out on.

  4. well a lot got away unscathed due to my issues with pride.

    however I am realising of recent that the material far outweighs the pain caused so yolo and stay tuned.

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