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don’t like it don’t care

Hey guys!

Sorry but yesterday I just “couldn’t even” and today I kinda feel the same but that’s fine because I bet a lot of people can’t even with my blog somedays anyway.

(I came up with that joke in the kitchen a billion hours ago).

I always feel like sharing negative news with the world is damaging because it bums people out, literally, twitter followers reduce because THEY CANNOT DEAL #feelings.

Which sucks for the sufferer because there is no outlet, no relief gasket, or pea trap (you like that one?) but if you let it out you just feel even worse because there it is staring you in the face.

Although I do enjoy getting sympathy greedily from others no matter how much it makes me look like a baby, well, I do not like that. I like to look about 20 years old tbh.

Speaking of, hi mtv kids it’s like 3 years since I was on that broadcast of Creeps and I look like this now.

Jk obvi. is that mean? Can you be mean anymore? If it’s just pretend for like 2 seconds (for forever on the internet).

A fullblown cougar is what I actually look like that’s right watch out.

FUCK I wrote all this before my blog got wiped out (host, server, something) and then I really almost lost it there so I am going to just hit publish now and go eat lunch before I have a meltdown with my new lady friend who lives in Burlington and has for all this time, local people for the win!

ps. I am still OCD on ello don’t forget like I’d let ya.

3 thoughts on “don’t like it don’t care

  1. Your a great writer Raymi! The reason I keep up with your blog (for almost 10 years now) is because of the way you write about events/situations/life. I know you have a book but you should write “the one.” I would give yourself 3 years from the time you decide “I’m going to write a book.” I know of much lesser writers that have made a great living from it.
    Your Canadian friend that lives in Texas

  2. well tough titty for people who can’t handle negative news – guess what? the world aint all sunshine, rainbows and kittens all the time. you’re always gonna tell it how it is, negative or not – thats um, why we like you? have fun in Burnoutington!

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