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Raymi Winehouse Boylord

6 thoughts on “Raymi Winehouse Boylord

  1. sigh, i love amy winehouse. i only came to appreciate her music after her death, unfortunately. love that you covered this. enjoying your exploration and expression through music. give ‘er!

    you remain an inspiration to me for everything you do. also, love the laugh. and the paper shuffle / look at the end. <3

  2. Nice song!! That dress is very pretty, and it’s optimum shade to match your blog colors, love that shade. Have you ever sang “Raymi the Minx” to the tune of the Addams Family song?

  3. Raymi the Minx snap snap
    Raymi the Minx! snap snap
    Raymi the Minx! Raymi the Minx! Raymi the Minx
    Well she’s handy and a cutie, she likes to show her booty, her meals are meat and fruity, She IS RayMI the MINX
    She’s clever and she’s wordy,, she sings sweet like a birdie, her glasses mean she’s nerdy
    She IS RayMI the MINX
    Raymi the Minx snap snap etc.
    You’ll find her here, and Ello, ..on Tumblr she is mellow
    On Twitter, Facebook, Hello! She is RayMI the Minx
    That’s all I got, lol, just wrote it really quick, sorry, …needs work

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