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Like all people on the internet with opinions they like to unleash on the world, I too have some “tips” on life improvements. Just let me get settled on this pedestal here before moving on.

That sentence just gave me a headache see what happens when I try sounding smart.

What I mean is, I just said some kind of opinion on Facebook and felt like eye-rolling myself but then also why denigrate my own advice? I have weighed in heartily on advice columns before, people send me their unsolicited Help Me Rhonda emails all the time because I deliver cut throat honesty, peppered with realness that often borders on mean in only that the truth hurts. When you hurt, you are allowed to be an expert on hurt.

Fuck it. Lets listen to hurt.

I have major cramps at the moment so this song is super pertinent.

I read about the debris and bodies they found from that missing flight this morning, speaking of hurt. Then the suicide note of the transgender teen who killed herself, and how awful her shitty Christian life truly was. Can actually identify with teenage depression, and how long the expanse of it can be. Maybe I should go to school and become a social worker for suicidey kids. Or at least pass along, yes, my “tips” to clueless parents.

Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t preach a little. You don’t have to pop one out to be enlightened. You can still take note of the egregious errors of others then go back to your own life. It sucks that there feels like a divide between parents and non-parents a wee bit. We watch each other’s lives on facebook and take note of the differences. Anyone who says they don’t judge is a liar. Now, not to judge but.. lol. Those who seem to chase the glam life and live like their world is fucking amazing every day, well I don’t know. If things bother me then I just limit how much I check it out so as to not lose my mind with jealousy but also, I’m fine with digging on my own life I suppose.

How about those ‘year in review’ videos passed around facebook. The way my year was stitched together I had to do a bunch of editing, removals and then jam some fun shit all at the end of the year to fill it in and it could only pool from a certain batch of pictures nearing the end of the year. I also limit what I blast on FB because I just do long story short, FB fail to which they even came forward admitting they screwed up.

I read a snarky comment or two saying how some people’s years looked like shit which made me rilly rilly angry. Some people have bad, less fortunate years. Are immersed in shit you don’t even know about so how dare you judge especially when every other self-important status update by you is more meaningless and attention-seeking than the last. How dare you shame others and then beg for sympathy over minor band-aid entitled non-problems. Yes FB fail indeed. Humanity fail indeed.

But, taken with a grain of salt because everyone feels a bit of misery at Christmas. Boredom. Loneliness. Bah humbuggery. That’s why they lash out at other’s lame years in review. Show photos of their swag that reek of emptiness. One-up.

OKAY bitch vibe over and out time to mall-rat it up.

Happy New Year’s Eve-eve!

5 thoughts on “goodish

  1. good read. i’m stuck in the airport in tbay, so it’s great to read something insightful. happy nye!!!! xoxo

  2. Hope you feel better.
    One of my ‘sayings’ is: “Facebook is good for finding old friends, blogging is for making new ones.”
    Happy New Year Raymi! May you have a healthy happy and prosperous 2015 and always!

  3. Always good to read your thoughts, Raymi! I don’t think I watched anyone’s “Year in Review” video, including my own. Perhaps I should start reflecting though… it’s always good to reflect a little at the end of the year.

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