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Booze free day 11 and bored but whatever bored is better than plastered. OR IS IT!???

Today is day off from bf. We hang out a lot. I have definitely transferred addictions over to him. Idle time is bad for drinkers. He said oh whatever baby you weren’t even a drinker. I said you don’t know how much I drank you just met me off tinder. He didn’t have a reply. I might even be too bored to write this blog post.

I am content with small mercies and always am. Like it was sunny this morning and I was up for it. When I put on my blogging clogs, as I was bending over I thought I would probably have a pounding headache while bending over and putting these on. I can enjoy moments and just go through motions period and not be like OMG I have to bend over and put on shoes now! Ugh LIFE.

And so what if I feel a bit smug about it. Everybody I know (more or less) is hungover right now, ’tis the season. The right people too. It would be funnier if I could tell you who and why but gone are the days of blogging everyone’s secrets here for your entertainment. If you happen to be hungover today reading this no I am not talking about you I haven’t lurked enough online to know who is or isn’t yet not that I do that but maybe I’ll start.

Had thai last night at a place we tried to go to last week but I got too embarrassed. First, his headlights lit up the entire restaurant from being parked out front. THEN I tried to sit/ride on the decorative elephants in the entryway realizing they were lightweight and not rideable, basically paper mache. He told me to not thinking I would but guess what, I would! Then I tried to speak to him through the window as he finished his dart and everyone in there heard me go, “What!?” at him so I stormed out fuming and humiliated, got in the car where his high beams flashed the restaurant ONCE more and everyone looked at us angrily. Died. So we went to Kelsey’s.

There is a bottle of raspberry vodka in the freezer still from the last time I got wasters which is why I am concerned for this boredom and plan to go out in a couple hours to get up to other constructive trouble distractions. Part of me is like I should pour it down the sink but that’s so hyper-dramatic and wasteful the other part of me likes to THINK about and visualize that bottle, stare at it sometimes… maybe I will drink it one day. It’s not like the defining thought parading around my head it’s just one thing on your shoulder, like always. I could, but I won’t. I should, but I can’t? These are probably AA encouraged journal style entries. Sorry for the cheeseballs.

I like to place positive encouragement things in my face to motivate me. I love Michelle Phan. Look into her if you don’t know who she is. Massive success.

I’m panicking that I’m going to get fat though cos I’m eating a lot of junk food and deep down know I won’t really stop but my metabolism is better no matter what. I just have to keep adding exercise into my routine and stay active this winter. This was a chewy ginger molasses cookie he said was like eating a leather belt.

I eat one teeny snack, then one GIANT ridiculous foodie-satisfying meal and then a pound of candy at night. Yesterday I bought paper thin cookies thinking it would be better than sour candies. After I blog I plan to get some candy. Baby steps.

It feels like my hair became super duper long overnight.

And then we met Spock. Spock belongs to Nancy. Nancy and I lived together when I was 19, she got out before it went crazytown and by coincidence she’s dating one of my bf’s besties. Far out right. Her cat Spock has a passport. He comes from France and is Ethiopian, also an Abyssinian Sphinx. Newsflash: this cat is more interesting than all of us. He’s a hyper-active diva and teeny like a spider.

I love him so much it is painful.

I took the train in to meet the gang, surrounded by all age ravers. Go train lighting at night is so awful don’t look at me please.

Polish cola. Actually German.

We made a chicken. Okay I did nothing. I put the veg in the microwave.

Oh gosh.

I guess my blog is about me and about cats. Maybe I should add that to my bio but no offense cat ladies people: please stop.

Bought a massive bag of these too.

Korean bbq before that. See. Foodie activities keeping me occupied.

I’d go back like today.

I took this selfie in front of like 8 people watching me it would have been low-key if the hostess didn’t yell out to us.

Wearing (antique) white to a bbq house wasn’t a good call. I live on the edge.

My room was bright this morning.

I’m gonna paint my nails and toes now then make a list of all the food I want to consume. Yes I am very much a one track mind wild animal.

Have a great Sunday!

BTW In case you forgot MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY is good times.

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  1. Hey Raymi, I’ve been having problems posting messages here, but if you get this, good job staying off the sauce and being healthy, looking fit etc. Keep writing.

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