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Sorry I lazy guy.

I haven’t had a drink in three days, so far so good. Not hallucinating or anything yet I will for sure let you know though. I had a killer hangover the other day and I haven’t had a hangover in ages (a Raymover) so I decided to take advantage of the booze turn-off like how when you get sick you don’t crave cigarattes so you should always quit smoking whenever you get sick. I’m waiting for the cold turkey shakes or whatever to happen to me, sweats, we will see. I keep picturing strawberry daquiris floating around in my mind.

I’ll fill you in on all my ever (self) important life gossip real soon kay. I know I keep saying that. Just too busy and then when I’m not, I don’t feel like it.

I have to go marinate some chicken with blackening spices for a salad now. Fungry. Always fungry. Then I will read my trashy magazine, play video games and stare at my phone. Does anyone give a shit about Christmas this year? I don’t. Christmas = cold. Not Christmas = warmer. I am a simple woman. Have a nice one!

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