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Happy blog birthday to me!

In true blogger fashion I have pissed the morning and day away takin’er ease, takin’ my time, spilling my brain rhymes into the abyss of my life. What does this all meeeeeeeeean people? Absolutely nothing. It’s my (blog’s) birthday and I can cry if I want to. It’s actually my Dad’s birthday today and I feel like a gigantic asshole taking it over with “this” but I am treating him to a fancy burger tonight for the day along with other presents I got for him too. I am a good daughter I will have you know. I know lots of people who don’t have dads and I want you to know that I do right by him despite my scandalicious blog. You have no idea how much you will miss your Dad when he is gone but I already do know that so we’ll be tight through thick and thin. A huge part of blogging for a blogger for fifteen years is now and again writing or featuring your family can you imagine the collective familial weight (and joy) of Raymi the Minx? A lot of people can relate to this because they have their own social media foibles and fanfare of family. Long story short Happy Birthday Nacnud you’re a gem as well as a blog star too so enjoy it lol xoxo.

Lets talk about Jian Ghomeshi now. I initially felt bad for him because his father died a couple weeks before all this went down, maybe his father homage was a pre-sympathy-plea? Last night while thumbing through the SUN’s (trash) paper on Jian Ghomeshi’s walk out of court made me think the fool was actually lucky his dad died bfore all this shit went down, lucky bastard right? Or maybe the hurt is two-fold. All the women he has hit in the past no offense their pain is over like a slap’s sting eventually fades. It doesn’t make it right but I can relate to someone who had all these grand notions for themself and unfortunately being pretentious and unlikeable is a big part of that ideal, and then the fall from grace. No one’s life is perfect, we all have a shit show moment at some point or other. Being a Canadian is tough too if you’re in the media. All of Canada slings dirt at you. Can dump you.

Anyway, this isn’t about Jian today this is about ME! It’s my turn to be a big suckhole brat today. No matter how old I am or how long I have been checking in with these mission statements over the years, the human is an ongoing vessel of developing improvement and continuing growth (here’s hoping) and like Political Correctness, we all evolve to adopt the trend of the new society or be witch hunted in fashion. The time of the woman is now. Don’t fucking ask why women are only speaking up now you Bill Cosby’s because you bloody well know why. Let the pitch forks be turned on you for once and boo hoo if it’s en masse because THAT is how many women you’ve besieged the advantage without consent of. -end rant-. HBD RTM LOL.

Woah sorry for the buzzkill although I know some of you like it you verbose pundits you. I was trying to summon the Raymi of yore. Of yore? Yes as there are many years to summon from. Fcuk am I ever scared about next Friday I might nervous fart myself to death. I’m going to talk about my date with Jian Ghomeshi there! Plus a bunch of other crazy shit too.

Lots of cheesy ones but whatevs I’ve had a chronic go of pain the last several weeks I am grateful for howver good I can look these days and I am done with fronting insecurity bitch I look good for my age.

Wienerific et al. I think I look better now than I did three years ago to be honest. That blonde hair aged me as well the lifestyle.

Had a great time working with my mom she’s way professional and certainily has an eye.

I’ve already been offered a few gigs from this shoot alone ;).

BTW remind me to link the OCAD U Itunes thing so you can see my talk!

What else is new.



Oh btw have you checked out my Ello lately? Friend me on it if u r!

Can’t do one w/o the fake handsies-onsies.

And now for the casual beach lover pics.

What? Mai tai? Sure I’d love to!

That thing on my knee is a volleyball scar.

Just gonna whip through these now it’s getting late.


Speaking of volleyball time for some Top Gun.

And some of this!

Plus that!

And that’s it for today time to get ready for burgers! Thanks for being so good to me all these years Little Raymis. I’ll make a part II very soon from this shoot with my mom, just too many for one post I’m not THAT arrogant haha. Happy Blogiversary my blog I hope we win the lifetime achivement award for once and for all because I know we will hit the 20 year mark. When people ask me if I will be blogging in the future as if I will turn into a mega-celebrity at some point and abandon this I know for sure no fucking way I will never stop blogging, not ever.

eternally yours, Raymi the Minx.

5 thoughts on “Happy blog birthday to me!

  1. I just wanted to say, you’ve taught me a lot about learning to be a woman comfortable in her own skin – and you taught by doing, and being. It isnt easy to do in the spotlight, where everything is magnified. My own life is not magnified and yet im terrified of change….I’ve seen you through the worst (and best) times – I know if you can do it, so can I. Thanks for giving me and countless others confidence, every day. We love you, Raymi!

  2. Happy blog birf-day Raymeroo! Remember YOU are the first blog I ever read and the direct inspiration for me to become a lifeblogger too, woo hoo! I could tell your mom took these photos, she definitely has a style. Number 4 and 11 are my faves. You look fab!

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