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oh btw i’m a vine superstar too now

No I’m not but I can pretend look see!

I’ll make my own account eventually maybe!

That’s the first one I ever starred in/made. My internet buddy said this video cured an anxiety attack he had he let it play and play lol nice.

I can’t remember what I was saying but sometimes I cuss, apologies!

Rocky says hi as well.

Tomorrow I’m doing an OCAD thing. You will be able to get the talk via OCAD iTunes, remember. This Friday is the actual 15 YEAR anniversary of my blog for those who care. Feel free to make me fan art like macaroni glue sparkle garbage for me to post! Thx ILU!

I’m waiting on a flyer from my colleague then I can make the FB event for next Friday DECEMBER 5TH at The Central. I wrote more stand-up material today, told my drag queen bestie that we’re gonna be written about in NOW so it is REAL omg. Can’t wait to see who my real friends are ;). I don’t mind it being low-key actually. I mean whatever right it’s only fifteen years who is counting? I might have to make a Raymi classic ms paint flyer to shame him into designing one faster for me don’t think that I won’t!

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