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still buzzing from this show

Oh man where to begin. From these brilliant keepsake photo memorables to the very night itself and the honour to be apart of it… truth be told, I used to be a risque online model many years back and Anthony was one of my bosses.. that’s the connection to Fujahtive. My mother lovingly encountered and captured so many more people connected to Ant + company on Friday night and it’s overwhelming to experience this love, joy, and connection to the band but there it is real as real can be. A friend of Ant’s flew in from Prague for one night just to see this show. The only time I can think of a man wanting to fly anywhere cold for a night would be in the pursuit of tail.

The dream team had a blast, as per usual.

Fujahtive had a flawless performance and the house was packed. The band will be doing this again next year and probably playing a few shows in between at the request of promoters who came to the show. Beatles Cavern Club Brian Epstein moment much? Lol.

Oh good they’re even on Ello. I learned how to finally prononce Fu-JAH-tive. Say it like you mean it too.

I may have stolen some attention for myself.

Marois Kirouac Photography really turned out some impressive shots like there was ever a doubt they would.

Mom was Birthday hungover as well and you couldn’t even tell. #champ

Not to be outdone here is ONE of my pictures. I still intend to get a new camera and make use of it. One of these days. The Iphone 6’s camera definitly outdoes my Samsung Galaxy 4. Sigh.

Because we were standing beside the stage and I act like a Raymiac when I go out at night all the time people were grooving on all my, well this.

Crowd watching was awesome too and not in a snarky way. It was sweet to see these fans all be reunited and the chill vibe throughtout tattoo was like a big warm enveloping ganja hug. I kept thinking my purse reeked but it didn’t, it was the air all around you lol.

When I was younger, Ant’s gf (now wife) told me he was in a famous reggae band back in the day and I was like yeah yeah whatever sure. FFWD to Friday. Touche yo. I will never doubt random bits of information ever again no matter what it is. (Jk i don’t fkkn trust any y’all.)

And we haven’t seen each other in 12 years so it was pretty fantastic to see your old buddies again not to mention the fun I had the month leading in to the event promoting and working with the band. If you ever need some Social Media mgmt and help sinfluencing the system, do let me know. I come with pro photogs.

I’ll give you a quarter if you can guess which guy in the band hooked me up with some rollies. Hint: it was none of these guys.

How much do you love brass tho right? You know when someone drags you out to a show you don’t want to go to let alone hear and you’re all crabby (or is that just me) Well THIS show was nothing like that. It felt like my ears were at a day spa in Montego Bay. There was not one offensive sound that went inside my ears.

Heeeeeeeeey I want to play the trumpet too.

I wonder what he was singing about there. I loved tweeting about/to fujahtive. All you gotta do is google rasta sayings to make up a bunch of shit and string it all together LAWDA MERCY!

The visuals were nice and trippy as well.

Bro on the keys had epic moves. Could not keep my eyes off him. John was rocking the tight shots like he do.

So many good pics it was hard to choose for this post.

My mom said at the end of the night all the guys were super sore and it was hilarious to see them all complaining about their aches and pains and backs. Anthony required a wheelchair the next day at the airport bahha. aw.

Look at those satisfied smiles. Happy people everywhere. Can everywhere be like a Fujahtive concert please. All my friends who couldn’t make it should definitely feel stupid.

Nice work Mommsy.

Did you notice how my hair and mom’s shirt and mom’s hair and my shirt match? We must have some mom daughter mental connection cos we always match when we meet up.

Diva! Just kidding, Ant is humble as hell.

Raymi break! Each blog post must contain at least 10 pictures of me or the world stops spinning.

Okay I’m starting to feel crazy time to wrap this up.

Then I got shadow puppet schooled.

The family that shoots together, scoots together?

Til next time Fujahtive, looking forward to it!

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